PAS: No alliance, just mature politics dealing with Umno


PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Man says party refraining from attacking or insulting Umno is not an indication of political cooperation.

(FMT) – The perception that PAS and Umno have forged an alliance may be due to the fact the Islamist party is adopting a mature political approach, the party’s deputy president said.

Reiterating that there is no political cooperation between the two parties, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man pointed out that even he had criticised Umno at a ceramah last night.

The only difference was, he said, he did not resort to insults.

“Maybe that was the culture previously, but it is not the case anymore.

“The public is watching us and judging, so we have to be more mature. We just don’t attack, but also propose solutions,” he said, adding that PAS would agree with Umno and the government on a matter if they felt it was “right” or benefited the nation.

Tuan Ibrahim was speaking to reporters at a press conference at the party’s headquarters here today.