MCA: DAP’s running dog


DAP says MCA is Umno’s running dog. Actually MCA is DAP’s running dog. MCA is so scared of DAP that they are serving DAP’s political agenda to make sure that they do not upset the Chinese voters. And while MCA has given millions of government funding to the Chinese schools, newspapers and guilds/associations, these organisations serve DAP’s political agenda and not MCA or the government.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

DAP says that MCA is a running dog, or barua in Malay. In fact, not only does DAP say that, many Chinese who post comments in the internet also say the same thing. And they say that MCA is Umno’s running dog. The MCA critics and haters may be right about the allegation that MCA is a running dog. But they are wrong about the allegation that MCA is Umno’s running dog. MCA is actually DAP’s running dog.

(Running dog is a literal translation of the Chinese pejorative 走狗 (zǒu gǒu), meaning lackey, lapdog, or an unprincipled person who helps or serves those more powerful and often evil).

The irony of this whole thing is DAP accuses MCA of being an Umno running dog when they know it is not true and that MCA is actually DAP’s running dog. But then that is the best strategy to use. Attack someone and put him or her on the defensive. Then that person will spend so much time defending himself or herself to try to prove that the allegation is not true that he or she has no time to attack you back.

MCA is more worried about offending DAP than they are about offending Umno. If Umno takes one stand and DAP takes the opposite stand, MCA will choose DAP’s stand over Umno’s stand. MCA would rather upset Umno than upset DAP. And, in this contest to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese, MCA has to show it is more Chinese, more anti-Malay, more anti-Islam, more anti-Hudud, more pro-Chinese schools, more pro-Chinese language, etc., than DAP is.

Take what MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said today. “MCA remains firmly opposed to any Bill which it believes to run counter of the spirit and letter of our Federal Constitution. As Hadi’s Bill now stands, we regard it to be in such a position.”

Basically that is DAP’s stand and the words could have come from the mouth of Lim Kit Siang. And now that is MCA’s stand as well. It makes you wonder whether whenever DAP makes any announcement or issues a statement they send a copy to MCA so that MCA can make exactly the same announcement or statement.


Money from MCA, work for DAP

No doubt that statement sounds good when it comes from the mouth of Lim Kit Siang because he normally makes such statements, which are pure rhetoric but devoid of substance. But coming from the mouth of Liow Tiong Lai, a member of the government, it makes you wonder what he is trying to say. How does it ‘run counter of the spirit and letter of our Federal Constitution’?

Tiong Lai does not explain because he cannot explain, mainly because he is just repeating DAP’s whole load of nonsense with no idea what it all means. MCA has been warned that if they criticise DAP or go against DAP then the Chinese would get angry and MCA would lose votes. The fact that whether MCA makes DAP angry or they make DAP happy it does not matter because the Chinese are still not going to vote for MCA anyway never seems to have crossed their mind.

Basically, MCA and its President, Liow Tiong Lai, no longer have the will and guts to fight. The Chinese would say mo choon toi. They have more or less accepted the fact that DAP now represents the Chinese and with DAP boasting that in the 2008 general election they garnered 85% of the Chinese votes, in 2013 90%, and in the next general election in 2017 or 2018 DAP it is going to be 95%, MCA is already crawling back into its own cocoon and is preparing for death.

We have spoken about this in the two previous articles:

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There are about 45 to 46 seats at most that Chinese parties can win out of the 222 parliament seats. And the previous elections have shown that 45-46 is the total for all the Chinese parties combined. Hence it is a zero-sum game — if I win you lose and if I lose you win. And every time MCA wins DAP loses and vice versa. Hence MCA’s future is not with Umno and Barisan Nasional. It is with DAP. And that means MCA has to be DAP’s running dog and not Umno’s running dog, as what most people erroneously believe.

Chinese schools

MCA helps set up Chinese schools that are breeding grounds for the hate-government campaign

MCA’s political base is supposed to be the Chinese schools, Chinese newspapers and Chinese guilds and associations. So this was DAP’s main three-prong attack. DAP worked at converting the Chinese schools, Chinese newspapers and Chinese guilds/associations from an MCA support base to a DAP support base. For example, many of the guild/association leaders are MCA life members. But they all serve DAP and work to help DAP win over Chinese support and Chinese votes.

These leaders in the Chinese schools, Chinese newspapers and Chinese guilds/associations wear the coat of MCA but serve in the army of DAP. That, in English, is called a turncoat, a culture that the Malaysian Chinese seem to find honourable. And these are the people who the Chinese aptly label as running dogs. And their job is to play up the hate factor by making the Chinese hate Umno and in the same process hate Umno’s so-called running dog, MCA, who is actually DAP’s running dog and not Umno’s running dog.

Basically the contest between MCA and DAP is about who is going to win all those 45-46 ‘Chinese’ seats. If DAP wins 35 then MCA will win 10. If DAP wins 25 then MCA will win 20. And if DAP wins 45 then MCA will win none: zero. And who wins the most of those 45-46 seats will depend on the Chinese voters.

So this mean MCA must not upset the Chinese voters by going against DAP. Not only have the Chinese schools, Chinese newspapers and Chinese guilds/associations warned MCA about this, the Chinese underworld has as well. The irony about this is that for more than half a century MCA has helped fund the Chinese schools, Chinese newspapers and Chinese guilds/associations. And yet these organisations serve DAP and not MCA.

The Star, in fact, is owned by MCA. But they serve DAP and the opposition agenda. Yet MCA is pouring money into The Star. It is as funny as Umno giving Harakah (or Malaysiakini) RM100 million to write articles critical of Umno and the government. Luckily the Umno Malays are not as stupid as the MCA Chinese.

Actually, when you consider it, Kit Siang has ruled DAP since when many of you were still primary school children whereas MCA has had so many changes of leaders since the 1980s that many times we do not even know who the MCA leaders are. I mean most Malaysians can name the top 20 DAP leaders but cannot even name the top three MCA leaders.

That is how irrelevant MCA has become. Maybe Umno should just dump MCA and let them go join Pakatan Harapan. After all, Pakatan Harapan has become a dumping ground for mosquito parties such as PAN, Pribumi and whatever the name of that new party that Shafie Apdal has formed in Sabah.

Mahathir-Kit Siang

Two people who despise each other united to set up a DAP-led government in Malaysia

Pakatan Harapan has also become the ‘retirement home’ for expired politicians who no longer have any future such as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Anwar Ibrahim, Mukhriz Mahathir, Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Mat Sabu, Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, and so on, that the MCA people should feel very much at home there.

Pakatan Harapan picks up politicians from gulungan bermasalah and those plagued with sex and corruption scandals. Pakatan Harapan has become a recycle plant where you send your waste to be turned into some cheap product. The list of who’s-who in the Pakatan Harapan Rouges’ Gallery is almost like the Hall of Shame. Such is the fate of those who Pakatan Harapan picks up after Barisan Nasional has thrown them out. And this is where MCA seems to want to go.

But then this serves DAP well. DAP has already maximised its Chinese market and can no longer go any further. It now needs to work on the Malay market because without the Malays the most DAP can get would be 45-46 seats. DAP needs at least another 70 seats or so to march into Putrajaya. And this is where PKR, PAN and Pribumi can prove useful. As DAP running dogs, hopefully PKR, PAN and Pribumi can bring in another 70 seats or so.

And this is part two of DAP’s agenda, as we mentioned in the previous article. After monopolising the Chinese market, DAP now has to split the Malay market by dividing the Malays into five, six or seven groups. And this is being done even as you read this. So now we have Umno, Pribumi, PAS, PAN, and PKR. And if PAS and PKR can be split further into the pro-Hadi, anti-Hadi, pro-Azmin and anti-Azmin factions, then the Malays would be divided into seven groups against the Chinese consolidated under DAP and with MCA a dead duck.

And with that Lim Kit Siang would achieve what he started out to do, which is to see a DAP-led government rule in Putrajaya where the Malay partners would merely be servants of DAP.

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