The Reformasi autar from the opposition


When the Permatang Pauh Declaration and the Reformasi movement was launched on 12th September 1998, it brought great hope to Malaysians that at last Mahathir was going to get kicked out of office. Mahathir had single-handedly destroyed Malaysia’s economy, race relations and religious tolerance, which is going to take three generations to repair, if they can ever be repaired. But now the Reformasi movement itself is in need of reforms and, even more comical, Mahathir is now heading the Reformasi movement.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Based on which language you use, autar has many meanings. It could mean ‘powerful and complete’, it could mean, ‘incarnation of God’, or it could mean ‘turning’, like in doing a u-turn, taking the Hindi-English translation of the word. Malays, however, use autar to mean bull — such as ‘Mahathir autar kata Najib curi 42 billion duit satu-em-dee-bee’.

And I am using autar in my title (The Reformasi autar from the opposition) in the same context as ‘Mahathir autar kata Najib curi 42 billion duit satu-em-dee-bee’ or ‘Mahathir autar by saying he launched his Citizens’ Declaration to save Malaysia from Umno’.

In September 1998, when the Reformasi movement was launched, it was (1) to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from being sent to jail for sodomy, (2) to oust Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad so that Anwar could take over as Prime Minister.

There were no plans yet to form a new opposition party (Parti Keadilan) or an opposition coalition (Barisan Alternatif) or to kick out Umno and Barisan Nasional and replace it with a new government. All that came later when Anwar realised he could not oust Mahathir from inside Umno and would have to try to do that from the outside instead.

And this is precisely the same route that Mahathir is taking in his attempt to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. First try from inside Umno and, when that fails, form a new party and opposition coalition and try from outside instead. The parallels between what Anwar did in 1998-1999 and what Mahathir is doing now in 2015-2016 is uncanny. It is like Hitler repeating exactly what Napoleon did by invading Russia (and we all know what happened there).

Many of you do not know this because you joined the ‘movement’ 10 years later in 2008 (or in November 2007 when we held the Bersih march to Istana Negara to deliver our Election Petition to His Majesty the Agong).

By 2008, the Reformasi movement and its political arm, PKR, and the opposition coalition, Barisan Alternatif, had gone thought many trials, tribulations and transformations. And this is quite normal as the French, Russian and Iranian Revolutions have shown, just to name a few. It always starts one way but ends up the other way. And sometimes the so-called revolutions turn on its own people and/or victimise the very people who gave birth to that revolution.

So be very careful about playing the role of Dr Victor Frankenstein because you could unwittingly be creating a monster. And most revolutions actually turn out into monsters in the end. And George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, published in 1945, is actually a satire about how revolutions disastrously give birth to a worse government than the one the revolution replaced.

For many of you late-comers and for those who shout all sorts of slogans without knowing what is going on, the birth of the Reformasi movement began with the launching of the Permatang Pauh Declaration on 12th September 1998.

Deklarasi Permatang Pauh

The promise Anwar Ibrahim made to the rakyat during the launch of the Permatang Pauh Declaration and the Reformasi movement on 12th September 1998, eight days before he was arrested by Mahathir.

READ HERE: Permatang Pauh Declaration

It was not until 16th September 1998, however, one month later, that DAP endorsed Anwar’s Permatang Pauh Declaration (READ HERE).

DAP wanted to first make sure they could gain political mileage by aligning themselves to Anwar before jumping onto the bandwagon considering that, in the first place, Anwar got into this whole sodomy mess because of Karpal Singh. It was Karpal who exposed Anwar’s sexual misdeeds in Parliament and it was after that when the shit hit the fan. In fact, Karpal never really thought much of Anwar as the video below shows. And Karpal knew that Anwar is not innocent of the allegations against him.

Karpal Singh condemns Anwar Ibrahim as a person of no morals who needs to reform himself first

I know many of you, in particular the Chinese DAP supporters, will say, “Who cares about the past? We are only concerned about the future.” And then you will keep harping on the past such as the Malaysia Agreement or MA63. Isn’t MA63 already so long in the past? Why keep talking about it if you do not care about the past, as what you keep saying?

Can you see the hypocrisy of these so-called Reformists and Pakatuns? They tell you they are not interested to talk about the past but then they keep talking about the past. What they actually mean is they only want to talk about subjects of their choosing and any subject not of their choosing they will brush off as not relevant.

These are people who scream about freedom of speech and at the same time curse and scold others (me included) when you exercise your freedom of speech. And they will lie barefaced without being ashamed of it. They will twist and turn, distort the truth, and misrepresent the facts and will say unless and until you can disprove what they say then what they say is the Gospel.

They accuse others off all sorts of crimes (such as Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak stole RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money) and then ask Najib to prove he did not steal any money. And then they say Maria Chin should not have been detained because she did not commit any crime and if she did commit a crime then the police must show the evidence.

The principle being applied by these pseudo-Reformists is: you are guilty until and unless you can prove your innocence but I am innocent until and unless you can prove my guilt. That is what the fight for reforms is all about, to implement double-standards, one for you and another for me. And my standards are low while yours are high. I can pass at merely 10% while you need 100% to pass. And even then we will still give your 100% a 50:50 possibility of being true while my 10% is 100% true until and unless you can prove otherwise.

This is beginning to get very mind-boggling unless you are a brain-dead Pakatan Harapan supporter a.k.a. Pakatun. If you are a Pakatun then this senseless doctrine makes perfect sense. You will even believe that Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng can all walk on water. Maybe you also believe that Najib sold Malaysia to China. In that case why are the DAP Chinese so angry? Did not the British also sell Malaya to the Chinese back in the 1850s to 1920s? Or do your Chinese schools not teach you history?

Reformasi, konon! It is more like Reformasi autar! They cheat, they lie, they break laws, they totally disregard decency when they attack others, they biadap and kurang ajar, and they say what they are doing might be wrong or illegal but they are doing it for a good cause so that makes it right even it it may be wrong.

Read ‘Hey! What happened to the Pematang Pauh Declaration?’ by Dr Farish A Noor published in Malaysiakini on 29th January 2008 (READ HERE).

Nurul Izzah - Nong Chik

Nurul Izzah Anwar talks about Reformasi and then she lied about her political rival, Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin. She was sued for that lie and later had to apologise to Raja Nong Chik.

READ HERE: Nong Chik drops libel suit after Nurul Izzah apologises for ‘error’  


Saifuddin published an entire dossier of lies and today was rewarded with the post of party Sec-Gen

Saifuddin Nasution did the same. He not only lied about then Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim but he also produced a thick dossier on Khalid’s so-called wrongdoings and corrupt acts, which he distributed all over Malaysia. Khalid sued him for that lie and Saifuddin, too, had to apologise to Khalid.

READ HERE: Saifuddin apologises to Khalid 

But the damage to both Raja Nong Chik and Khalid had been done. Nurul’s and Saifuddin’s apologies did not undo the damage. Raja Nong Chik lost the election while Khalid got ousted as Menteri Besar. So their apologies are not worth one sen. And that is the opposition’s modus operandi or SOP. Accuse first then apologise later after the damage has been done and when the apology can no longer undo the damage.

Rafizi has made so many false allegations that we can no longer keep track of all his lies. The ‘cow in the condo’, GST and Tabung Haji allegations are the more prominent of the many and all have been proven false. Rafizi has become so much of a liability to the party that today he was told to resign as the party Sec-Gen.

PKR Sec-Gen

Rafizi replaced with Anti-Azmin Saifuddin as the new PKR Sec-Gen: the first move to checkmate Azmin

Rafizi is just like what Muhyiddin Yassin is to Pribumi — a huge liability with so much baggage and skeletons in the closet. And, just like Muhyiddin, Anwar, Mat Sabu, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nurul Izzah, Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, and many more opposition leaders, Rafizi, too, has his share of sex scandals (according to what Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s boys say — and would Azmin lie?).

These Reformists and Pakatuns preach clean government and clean lifestyle while their own hands are covered with dirt and slime. They bark like canines while pretending to be sweet felines. Cats do not bark. And even dogs that bark do so for a reason and not just to impress the voters by showing them how better, cleaner and braver you are than the Barisan Nasional people. And the beauty about all this is the dumb voters buy into this charade and agree that the mooing cow is actually a prized race horse.

To see more opposition lies and hypocrisy, read ‘Kenapa tiba-tiba pembangkang diam mengenai kroni IPP dan isu kehilangan beratus bilion?’ (READ HERE).

There is a saying: charity starts at home. The same goes for reforms. You first need to change before you ask others to change. But as far as the Reformists and Pakatuns are concerned, it is only the government that needs to change. The opposition does not need to change.

DAP screams about Bersih and clean elections whereas their own party election in December 2012 was fraudulent and rigged. When the RoS rejects that party election they hold a another one in September 2013 that was equally fraudulent and rigged. When there was a danger that DAP would not be allowed to contest the May 2013 general election, instead of addressing the problem, they announced that if DAP is barred from contesting, then their candidates would all contest under the banner of PAS.

Look at Tony Pua as yet another example. He announces that Khalid was the best, cleanest, most hardworking and most honest Menteri Besar in Selangor history. And then a few months later he announces that Khalid is a crook. He then said if Guan Eng is ever charged for any corrupt act he would be the first to resign. Guan Eng was charged and then Tony Pua refuses to resign.

Anwar Ibrahim says his Sodomy 1 trial was rigged and that the evidence was fabricated. He also said the judge was under instructions to convict him and that the instructions came from Mahathir himself. Today, Mahathir is the man who is going to ‘save Malaysia’ and is going to lead the opposition to victory in the coming general election.

Anwar was then charged a second time under Sodomy 2. To make sure no one accuses Sodomy 2 of also being a rigged trial based on fabricated evidence, Anwar was given all the leeway to defend himself. The last thing the government wanted was to, yet again, be accused of sending an innocent man to jail.

Anwar, however, refused to take the stand and the 12 witnesses he was supposed to call to testify to support his alibi (that he was not at the scene at the crime at that time and date) were not called after all (his own wife being one of the alibi witnesses).

ezam pribumi

Is Ezam still going to show us his six boxes of evidence against Mahathir?

Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor said that Mahathir is the most corrupt Prime Minister in the world and that he has six boxes of evidence to prove it. Today, Ezam joins Mahathir’s party, Pribumi, and says that Mahathir is the only man in the entire world who is capable of saving Malaysia.

Sigh…I think I should stop here. Instead of discussing what they did or what they are doing it may be easier and a shorter list to discuss what they did not do or are not doing. Reformasi, konon! More like Reformasi autar. At least the Barisan Nasional people do not pretend to be angels like these so-called Reformists do. And have you heard the saying about it is better to deal with a devil you know?