Yellow Hordes at our gates … Who will pick up the pieces?


Bersih rallies have always been rude and violent, endangering public lives and properties.

Tunku Abdul Aziz, Malaysia Outlook

IN less than 24 hours, what I fear most will come to pass.

Kuala Lumpur the proud capital of Malaysia will see a massive spilling-over of the forces of anarchy onto its streets and thoroughfares, in a demonstration, now organised with regular monotony, to bring down by illegal and unconstitutional means a duly elected prime minister and his administration.

Also, in the nature of street demonstrations, however noble or worthy their intentions, they become uncontrollable and there will always be those who cannot resist taking matters into their own hands.

Heads will be broken and there will be spilling of blood, and public property will be damaged.

In a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society such as ours, the prospect of racial violence is real, and it would be highly irresponsible for any of us to ignore lessons from the past.

A repeat of May 13 is a distinct possibility if we let our guard down. It will serve Maria Chin and her foreign masters but Malaysians uninvolved in the rioting will be the ones to pick up the pieces.

The Yellow Hordes of mainly second generation middle-class descendants of immigrant Chinese are led by one of their own, a woman going by the name of Maria Chin Abdullah.

She is a self-confessed beneficiary of generous “regime change” largesse from her foreign masters.

She is said to be a nasty piece of work to boot and we can expect an exciting day..

Bersih the platform from which Maria Chin mounts her subversive campaign against the country of her birth, in the sacred name of democratic human rights, takes her orders to destabilise the country from the Soros Foundation, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Maria Chin Abdullah is known to have developed close relations with other foreign funders as well.

Other known funding agencies actively promoting US hegemonic ambitions across continents, and with links to certain so-called Malaysian NGOs, are USAID, and the Ford Foundation.

Bersih rallies have always been rude and violent, endangering public lives and properties.

Bersih rallies have always been rude and violent, endangering public lives and properties.

Bersih has dropped all pretence of fighting for “fair and free elections.”

The use of this catchphrase, a convenient and popular coded one size fits all solution for regime change adopted worldwide by foreign-funded agents from Libya to Syria, with great success especially in societies where democratic institutions and practices had not taken root.

In Malaysia, on the other hand, thanks to its well-established electoral process and clearly-defined administrative procedures and precedents that had been put in place way back in 1959 when the country’s first general elections were conducted, we have held 13 general elections since, and consequently, success that Bersih has been hoping for remains nothing more than a gleam in the eye.

Allegations of electoral skullduggery are a regular fare, a staple political diet for the opposition.

Such allegations are at best mischievous and at worst downright politically motivated lies.

Maria Chin has become quite adept at this form of propaganda and earns high praise from the Soros Foundation.

Those allegations have naturally cut little or no ice at all with the thinking citizen.

This is hardly surprising when we see that at least five states have fallen to the opposition, and two of which, Selangor and Penang are highly developed economic power houses.

If indeed the elections were rigged, the rigging was a dismal failure, and seems to have been a complete waste of time for the government.

How else could we account for the opposition’s electoral successes?