Kit Siang got into bed with ‘father of grand corruption’ – Tunku Aziz


Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang have dropped all pretence that they were working for King and country. However it’s a mere partnership for their own selfish ends, says Tunku Aziz.

(Malaysia Outlook) – Social activist Tunku Abdul Aziz is surprised that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who had always claimed to be totally opposed to any form of corruption, found nothing wrong getting into bed with former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, a man who fathered ‘grand corruption’ in this country.

At a press conference held today at Eastin Hotel, Tunku Aziz said Kit Siang had abandoned his moral rectitude altogether by associating with Mahathir, whom Kit Siang used to despise.

“Kit Siang of all people must know that his association with Mahathir will put his personal integrity and loyalty to his country into serious doubt.

“Has the promise of personal gain so blinded him to be reckless of his act that he was prepared to sell his soul to the devil?

“Kit Siang has expended much time and energy on issues relating to 1MDB although it was a non-issue, stirred and twisted by Mahathir to serve his political agenda of bringing down a constitutionally elected Prime Minister Najib Razak as part of a larger plan to put his son Mukhriz as a candidate for the nation’s highest public office,” said Tunku.