Rafizi slammed for confusing public over ECRL

rahman dahlan

(Malaysia Outlook) – Minister in Prime Minister’s department Rahman Dahlan slams PKR Pandan lawmaker Rafizi Ramli for misleading and confusing the public over the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project

Dahlan explained that Rafizi has been spinning on the ECRL project and the setup of Malaysia Rail Line Sdn Bhd (MRLSB).

Rafizi claimed the ECRL project is owned by two individuals instead of the government.

“Let me once again explain, in plain words, why Rafizi is wrong and knowingly misleading the people.

“For the ease of initial incorporation of MRLSB, both ministry’s officials, namely Yusof Ismail and Ahmad Suhaimi Endut had been nominated to be the first directors and subscribers for the shares.

“Subsequently, the said shares have been transferred to Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and Federal Lands Commissioner on 12th October 2016.

“However, based on the current Companies Act 1965, a company is not required to submit to Registrar of Companies (ROC) for registration of any transfer of its shares (Form 32A).” said Dahlan via a statement.