Malaysiakini is helping Najib do a Trump


The Third Force

The Americans wanted change. They got what they wanted. The problem is, they just can’t recognize the force that brought them the change. It wasn’t Donald J. Trump.

Since mid of last year, the CNN, CBS and a host of American based news networks quit the news business and joined the gutters of politics. From stuff spoken in locker rooms to unverified rumours of one night stands, they were just about everywhere on fiction and nowhere near the truth. Trump showed them just how much “stranger than fiction” the truth could really get.

Last Wednesday, the Republican presidential nominee clinched the required electoral ballots in Pennsylvania to mark a defining moment in the United States (US) history. For the first time since Ronald W. Reagan, the world saw an outsider elected the next President of the US. Back in the sixties, Reagan began a career as a third class Hollywood actor before being elected the Governor of California. In 1981, he became the 40th President of the US.

Trump, billionaire-developer and real venture capitalist, is now the 45th. The CBC was sure he would remain the outsider. Steven Colbert of The Late Show fame staged mock interviews with a “cartoon Donald Trump,” adding ridicule to what was already a concerted effort by an Obama controlled media collective to insult the Donald. Last Wednesday, the Donald showed the world that “mocking him may have been the best medicine.”

But the media is in denial.

The CNN and the CBS has yet to let up on skewed reporting. After hours of depicting a ‘well composed’ Hillary delivering her concession speech, they shifted their spotlights towards the shock protests dissidents of Trump were igniting all across the US. According to The Guardian, “thousands of demonstrators (were) crowding into streets and surrounding his (Trump’s) buildings in major American cities.”

“In response to Trump’s victory, a shocking win fuelled by the rural roar of a dismayed white America, tens of thousands in at least 25 US cities — including New York and Nashville, Chicago and Cleveland, San Francisco and Seattle — shouted anti-Trump slogans, started fires, and held candlelight vigils to mourn the result,” said the CNN.

That’s denial in itself.

After months of heavily stylized polls, they’re not letting up – not just yet. The media is in the final leg of what may eventually lead to a forced shakeup of the industry. I doubt the Donald has forgotten how the media conspired with the DNC, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton to strew his campaign with booby traps. I’ve been following this guy for 20 years, and I can tell you this with conviction – the Donald never forgets.

And how could he?

How could he forget the time CNBC anchor and New York Times (NYT) reporter, John Harwood, bragged about “feeling vindicated by provoking Donald Trump as debate moderator?” How could he put past him the time the CNN was seen colluding with the DNC to device heavily biased questions to be asked of him in what was then an upcoming Wolf Blitzer interview?

“Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tuesday ahead of his foreign policy address on Wednesday. … Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow,” an email, released by WikiLeaks, read. If I didn’t know the Donald any better, I’d say these guys from the CNN and the CNBC had better put their Hillary caps down, get on their knees and start begging.

And talk about the DNC. A day prior to the Democratic primary debate, DNC interim chairperson Donna Brazile presented Hillary an unfair advantage over her then contender, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. On the 5th of March 2016, Brazlle leaked all of the CNN’s debate questions to the Democratic presidential hopeful.

Brazlle lost her job. But media-corps across America were cautious not to break the internet with news of her sacking or the questions she had leaked. This, despite a verified email clearly showing Brazille disclosing questions to Hillary not once, but twice – first, during the March debate, and second, ahead of a town hall session in Flint, Michigan.

Let us not forget the mind-blowing revelation where New York Times’ (NYT) reporter Mark Leibovich was accused of seeking an approval for a quote he made up after having interviewed Hillary. Neither was an apology ever recorded from him, nor was he ever reprimanded by the NYT. Instead, he made light of the situation in a NYT article titled Anatomy of a Media Conpiracy, in which he said;

“Look, Mom, there I am in WikiLeaks. Right there among the rest of the media sell-outs, Clinton shills and biased tools of the MSM who are apparently bent on destroying Donald J. Trump.”

Then, there was the Washington Post controversy. Columnist Dana Milbank is said to have based his opinions solely on negative research against Trump the Hillary campaign fed him with. Some of that research was poured into his articles which the paper later carried, one of which was titled The Ten Plagues of Trump.

Other instances of media trust abuse include arguments that were posed by CNN’s Brian Stelter and Vox editor in chief Ezra Klien. Stelter defended his bias by arguing that reporters couldn’t cover someone like Trump who was, as the NYT had put it, “a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies.” Vox’s Ezra resonated, claiming that the political debates were between someone who was ‘normal’ and one who was ‘abnormal’.

The list goes on.

There was just that much crap to go around the presidential race several times over. Both Hillary and the Obama administration had a lot to lose, what with email dumps and data leaks pointing to a decades-long conspiracy since the Clinton administration to fund and train Islamist militants in the Middle East and to help drug cartels and warlords spirit out dirty money through the US financial system. Every bit of independent intelligence gathered told of a massive conspiracy by the Obama administration to trump the Donald’s chances at presidency.

Even the Vatican broke its silence a day ahead of polls. Last Monday, the 7th of November 2016, the CNN joined the league of “Hillary-friendly” media channels to turn viral a message by Pope Francis, who “warned against ‘social walls’ and ‘false prophets’ fuelling fear and intolerance in politics.” The way I see it, the only thing the Pope managed to fuel was the idea that even the infallible keeper of the faith, a man of God, had no control over the Trump campaign.

Then, a well placed source in the US that I am linked to spoke of a complicity involving the Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the CIA to litter the road to the White House with all sorts of hurdles to stumble the Trump campaign. All the complicity, all the resistance, and yet, the Donald clinched comfortable margins even in states where the majority was known to have twice cast its ballot for Obama.

So how did Trump manage the win?

Well, the mistake the media made – the real one, the biggest of them all – was the high with which they reported on anything that was remotely Trump. Day in, day out, it was either “Trump did this” or “Trump said that.” So deep were they in spinning Trump rhetoric, they forgot the power of subliminal messaging, the idea that they helped Trump register his “I’ll get things fixed” persona into the voter conscience.

For instance, by telling voters how Trump lacked a definitive plan of action to “make America great again,” the media inadvertently helped sink in the idea that “America could be made great again.” And since it was only the Donald who seemed inclined to “make America great again,” it was Hobson’s choice.

Another crucial miscalculation by media was the idea that riling Americans against Trump would put them off. It didn’t. At least, not in the way the CNN or the CBS had hoped it would. They forgot how Trump clinched his nomination as Republican candidate in the first place. They overlooked the manner in which the Donald had tapped into the very anger the media was helping fuel. The angrier the media turned voters, the better the voters resonated with Trump’s brand of subliminal messaging.

I mean, it takes a thief to catch a thief. It takes one drunk to resonate with another drunk. It takes a man of God to appreciate another man of God. And it takes an angry man to resonate with another angry man.

So when the media blew open the lid on the Donald’s alleged abuse of Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe, it helped bring voters to a near boil, enough for Trump to introduce to the younger generation a few of Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims – Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and not forgetting, Kathy Shelton, who was 12 when she alleged rape by the former US President.

On the 9th of October 2016, Shelton told a news conference hosted by Trump that Hillary, representing her husband (the accused) as an attorney, attacked her character in 1975 by forcing her to undergo multiple polygraph tests and answer explicit sexual questions she didn’t then understand. By riding on media fuelled hatred, the Donald stepped in and produced Shelton to drive that hatred straight into Hillary’s face.

So yeah, the media screwed up pretty big time.

The Donald knew the game all too well. So well, he let the media rile voters up by telling Americans that the system “allowed Trump to get away with murder.” Once the voter base was riled up, Trump stepped in to tell the same base that “I’ll get the system fixed, I’ll build walls” – a message Hillary undermined.

Yes, the wall was part of a subliminal message. Read between the lines, and you’ll see that the wall was nothing but a psychological aphrodisiac aimed at exiting voters over prospects of a “powerful Mr. Fix-it-all President who could never be intimidated by the elitists.” There was a macho appeal to what Trump was saying, and Hillary was too dumb to see it. She’s just another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd, anyone?)

Did the CNN, the CBS, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, the CNBC and all the rest of them ever stop to think? Did it not occur to them the Donald had simply toyed with their brands? Did they actually believe that the Donald would deport all Mexicans from the US? Even if Judge Rudy were to sit on the bench, it would take the US government 50 years to deport every illegal Mexican, let alone the Muslims. Are you guys in the media that dumb?

And Malaysians ask why Najib Razak was silent when the Wall Street Journal rolled out fabrications against him and 1MDB. Do Lim Kit Siang and Dr. Mahathir Mohammad not know that by drumming in the idea “Malaysia needed saving,” they’re impressing upon voters that “Malaysia can be saved?”

Seriously, is Malaysiakini not aware that by shifting its spotlight onto Najib, it is giving the Prime Minister plenty of room to show how “Malaysia could be saved?” And isn’t that turning Najib into a “Mr. Fix it all?” I mean, isn’t Najib the only one giving concise blueprints as to how “Malaysia could be made great again,” that “we’d be great if we rejected Mahathirism?”

Does the opposition not realise that Malaysiakini is helping Najib do a Trump?? Did I not tell you that Pakatan Harapan and team Mahathir are nothing but a bunch of pathetic losers?

And they call me a writer and Mahathir a Machiavellian. Pooh!!