Between the Crooked and the Cheat


Another Brick in the Wall

Polling booth was already opened for early voters last week. But today or according to the American time zone, tonight will be the polling day for the US presidential election and also for senate, congress and the smaller public office.

One report from Sydney Australia by Reuters placed Clinton chance of winning by 90%. An earlier NYT reported Clinton has solid lead strong in the electoral collage. Trump must win Florida to survive. Various latest national polls conducted shows a close race with her leading by 1-5%. It is within 3% margin or error so it is still a toss-up.

Clinton have been down from double digit lead after the genital grabbing release due to FBI statement to re-investigate Clinton’s e-mails.

It makes no different to Malaysia as to who wins. As a common American joke would have it, it is good news that the election is finally over. But the bad news is we have a new president. Basically saying, everything will remain the same and the country will continue in the same rut down the tube into the sinkhole.

But what is unfathomable is the overzealous and emotional campaign by a Mahathir high priest or mullah preacher. He preaches Islam to Muslim but is a Christian. It is not about difference of faith but he is supporting a Cheat over a Crooked.

Guess it make no difference to him as he supports a Cheat who never play politics fairly. And, the Cheat is also Crooked. According to Barry Wain, an author and former WSJ reporter. But now preaching against those values by alliancing with cheats and crooks.