More in sorrow than anger – a personal note to Nazir from Tunku Aziz

Tunku Abdul Aziz

Tunku Abdul Aziz advised Nazir Razak to be with his brother, Prime Minister Najib in time of need.

(Malaysia Outlook) – I am not surprised, Nazir, that my comments on TV3 have got your knickers all twisted and made you hot under the collar.

You say I am being personal in my comments.

All I can say, with all due respect, is that if the hat fits, wear it.

Now I am going to be really personal. I have been puzzled as an ordinary observer, like thousands of other Malaysians, by your behaviour towards your elder brother Datuk Seri Najib, your own flesh and blood, at a time such as the present when some family support would provide a great measure of spiritual comfort and succour Najib.

Instead you have behaved abominably and with someone like you as a brother, Najib does not need an enemy.

You are no ordinary person by any manner or means.

You come from an old and honourable family and we look up to you to show us what it means to stand by your family when they need you.

I do not know what it is that you are so desperate to prove by allowing yourself to be used by Mahathir and other promoters of National Consultative Council (NCC2)?