A spark can burn the entire grassland

Red-yellow shirts

Bersih participants can become angry and return violence with violence

(Malaysian Chinese News) – In Malaysia’s multi-racial environment, we all realise how precious the harmonious relationship is among different races. It is only through such harmony that we can work and live in peace. However, there are people who belittle such precious relationship and who either intentionally or unintentionally make instigations to work up racial tension to achieve their personal ambitions.

The red-shirts have recently resorted to all ways and means to wreck such racial relationship. They moved in crowds and ran wild all over the places, claiming that they are trying to block Bersih’s rally. They in fact have turned a blind eye to the rule of law as they became blatantly violent against Bersih participants. A video clip on social media shows that one of the red-shirts kicked a Bersih member to the ground. It is unbelievable that such thing can happen in the civilized Malaysian society.

This kind of barbaric behavior happens usually in the backward and lawless country. However, when such a thing happens before all eyes in Malaysia, one can be excused for believing that Malaysia has turned into a lawless society.

Thus, the Police must take immediate action to deal with these trouble makers in order to assuage public anxiety. The Police should not condone offenders who have gone against the law and public order so that they can restore peace and harmony.

MCA vice president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has condemned the barbaric behaviour of the red-shirts, adding that anyone who instigated and created trouble or hurt other races must be dealt with under the law. She said if such behaviour was not stopped in time, it would become uncontrollable and wreck the society. MCA deputy secretary general Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Sing also condemned the barbaric behaviour of the red-shirts and called upon the Police to act against them because they have threatened the peace and order of the nation. Thus, we can see that even MCA leaders have decided to speak up and such attitude is praiseworthy.

As was stated earlier, our racial harmony is precious and if such barbaric behaviour is not stopped as soon as possible, they could create massive disaster. A little spark can spread and burn the entire grassland!

Without a doubt, the Malaysian Constitution provides every citizen the right and freedom to express their stand through civilized and legal means and also in line with the democratic principle. Bersih carries out their campaign activities allowed under the law. If they should commit any unlawful acts, the Police would deal with them according to the law.

Therefore, even how much the red-shirts are against the Bersih campaign they cannot take law into their own hands and turn violent. They cannot act against the people and social order.

One must understand that Bersih participants can become angry and return violence with violence. If that happened, the peace and order of this country would be totally destroyed and people’s livelihood would be jeopardised. This is the situation that all of us don’t want to see.