PKR and DAP now support Hudud


Muslims say they accept the Shariah but reject Hudud, which is part of the Shariah. They say Hudud is not in the Qur’an. But then neither is praying five times a day and the manner in which we have to pray. Hudud is in the OT but Christians say they reject the OT and only follow the NT. But the stories of all the Prophets before Jesus are in the OT and yet Christians believe in all the Prophets of the OT.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

RPK, what are your thoughts on Jakim’s Hot Dog issue and hudud by PAS? …..Siva Kumar.

Ya listen to PAS who rule Kelantan “the richest” state in Malaysia. When every family in Kelantan live in five bedroom bungalow then maybe maybe I can listen to PAS…..Morsi Mahad.

Those are just two of more than 200 comments in Malaysia Today this morning. First of all I will respond to Morsi Mahad. Morsi measures success in terms of money in the pocket. He will listen to PAS only if every single family in Kelantan lives in a five-bedroom bungalow.

Kelantan has about 1.8 million people. Let us assume that comes to 200,000-250,000 families or thereabouts. So Morsi will listen to PAS only when Kelantan has 200,000-250,000 five-bedroom bungalows and not before that.

Penang has a population of about 1.7 million people. DAP has been running Penang since 2008 and before that two other Chinese parties, MCA followed by Gerakan. So, since Merdeka, Penang has been under three Chinese governments. Are there 200,000-250,000 five-bedroom bungalows in Penang with no other homes other than just five-bedroom bungalows?

For that matter, name me one city or state/county in the world (US, UK, France, Germany, or wherever) where people live only in five-bedroom bungalows and there are no other homes in the city/state/county other than just five-bedroom bungalows.

If this is the way the anti-PAS people argue their case, then they are downright morons and PAS does not need the support of such people. Why would PAS want the support of idiots? PAS should work on the support of intellectuals and thinking people, not brain-dead people like Morsi and orang yang sewaktu dengannya.

Now, to Siva Kumar’s question. First of all I think the JAKIM people are fooking idiots, mother-fookers and cock-sookers. They kept me awake 24 hours by debating Islam with me non-stop. They kept rotating a new officer every hour and would not allow me to sleep. They used sleep depravation to torture me.

They stayed behind the safety of the locked door and refused to open the door and come in to my cell when I asked them to. They knew I was going to smash their fooking face because I was mad as hell and was prepared to commit murder that night.

Then they sent me to Kamunting and sent an ustaz to debate me regarding the Hadith. I asked this ustaz which Hadith in particular he was talking about and he could not reply. I then asked him how many Hadith are there and he still could not reply.

I then said there are 700,000 Hadith and he smiled and said I was right. I then told him, however, less than 7,000 or less than 1% are considered authentic and he said, “That is why it is good to have such debates. Sometimes the teacher can also learn from the student.”

So please don’t talk to me about those cows and monkeys in Jakim. If we ever have a revolution in Malaysia they will be the first we should line up against the wall and shoot. And you can go tell the Ketua Pengarah, Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Othman Mustapha (pic below), I said that.

Othman Mustapha

Now, regarding what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said is PAS’s version of Hudud — which I assume is what Siva means — we need to first establish what is Hudud. Hudud is just one branch of the Shariah, which has many sets of laws, Hudud being just one of them.

So the question is not whether you accept or reject Hudud. It is whether you accept or reject the Shariah. And if you accept the Shariah then Hudud is part of it. If you wish to reject Hudud then you need to reject the Shariah as well, the ‘parent’ of Hudud.

So I ask those Muslims, especially those from PAN, Umno and PKR, do they accept or reject the Shariah? Simple question. Yes or no? You do not accept one part of Islam and then reject the rest. You also do not accept one part of the Shariah and then reject the rest.

Some Christians do that. They accept one part of Christianity and then reject the rest. So they cherry-pick the part of Christianity that they like and then ignore the part that they don’t like. That is why very few Christians are true Christians. Most are fakes and frauds who bikin tak serupa cakap. In Islam these types of people are called munafik.

For example, when we tell Christians that Hudud is in the Bible, they reply that that is the Old Testament (OT). Christians no longer follow the OT, they tell us, they follow the New Testament (NT). But then the stories of Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, etc., are in the OT, not the NT. So do Christians reject all these other Prophets before Jesus or do they accept them?

They say they no longer follow the OT but follow the NT. But then they believe in all those Prophets before Jesus that are in the OT. Now tell me, is this not just like Muslims who accept part of the Shariah that they like and reject the part they don’t like, for example Hudud?

Now, those Muslims who say they reject the Hudud do so because they say Hudud is not mentioned in the Qur’an. If Hudud is not mentioned in the Qur’an then where did it come from? Is it from the Hadith?

There are even some who say they accept the Qur’an but reject the Hadith. The anti-Hudud gang is actually also anti-Hadith, many in PAN, Umno and PKR included.

I have no problems if they are anti-Hudud and/or anti-Hadith. Even I think that many Hadith are stupid and make a mockery of Islam. Mahathir, too, rejects Hadith, as do many people around him such as Syed Akbar Ali and so on.

But then do these people pray five times a day? And if they do then how do they pray? The Qur’an does not mention that you must pray five times a day. Neither does it explain how you pray and the rituals involved. So, if you reject Hadith and only accept the Qur’an, that means you do not pray five times a day and in the manner Muslims normally do.

Can you see how Christians and Muslims are birds of a feather? Both are confused like hell and talk kok. Most times they do not know their own religion. The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) should be merged with JAKIM. They are definitely meant for each other, a gathering of idiots.

Before the Christians waste their time trying to teach Muslims about Islam, they should first of all go teach their own flock and explain that the OT and the NT are BOTH part of Christianity and that Hudud is in the OT and Jesus came to strengthen the laws, not to abolish them.

Your own Christians sesat gila and you want to try to teach Muslims about Islam and Hudud!

Okay, so now PKR and DAP accept Hudud, but PAN’s version of Hudud and not PAS’s version. Can they explain the difference between the two and tell us where PAS and PAN got their different versions of Hudud from? Did PAS get their Hudud from the Old Testament Qur’an while PAN got theirs from the New Testament Qur’an?

This is beginning to get very interesting because after 66 years I am finally learning that Islam, too, has the Old Testament and the New Testament just like Christianity. Sigh…it is so much simpler being an Atheist.

Anyway, another interesting thing today is Wan Saiful Wan Jan admitting (SEE BELOW) that there was a meeting in Oxford like what I reported yesterday in the article ‘Mahathir sends Nazir to inform Najib that a coup has been launched’ (READ HERE).

Wan Saiful