Government must be bold enough to modify legacy of past leaders – Annuar


(Bernama) – The government must be bold enough to modify the legacy of past leaders which is no longer relevant and does not benefit the people, said a senior UMNO leader.

Citing car manufacturer Proton as an example, UMNO information chief, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the competitive automotive industry had prompted many companies to merge.

“We are proud that Malaysia has an automotive industry but the situation has changed. Since we are no longer competitive, the government has to give billions in subsidy to prevent Proton from closing shop.

“The subsidy money should be used for the people’s benefit,” he told reporters after giving a talk in an information programme for the UMNO members here, today.

Perlis UMNO Liaison chairman Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim was also present.

Annuar said he had urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to modify non-beneficial legacy of past leaders.

“We cannot continue to support Proton because public funds are used to save a busines model which should go for a merger.

“The cost of privatisation must also be reviewed so that the people are not burdened by taxes.”

He defended Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak who was misquoted as saying that Petronas Twin Towers could be destroyed to erase the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“The Opposition spun Salleh’s statement by quoting just a part of it. The minister did not mean to destroy KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers).”