Don’t be rude, respect Malaysian protocol Vell Paari tells Kimberly


MIC treasurer general S Vell Paari slammed American lawyer Kimberly Motley for disrespecting Malaysian protocol and judiciary system.

(Malaysia Outlook) – MIC treasurer-general Vell Paari has labeled American lawyer Kimberly Motley as ‘rude’ and disrespecting the Malaysian protocol.

In a statement issued today, Vell Paari said the manner which Kimberly attempts to visit Prime Minister Najib Razak is considered not respecting the Malaysian law.

“Can someone that easily meet President Obama or walk into White House?

“Even foreign lawyers have to follow American protocols and stringent requirements before they meet President Obama.

“That also will not guarantee whether we can meet President Obama,” said Vell Paari.

In Malaysia, we adopt three institutions system – executive, parliamentary and judiciary powers that need to be followed and respected.

Even Najib never meddle in the institution powers vested according to constitution, pointed out Vell Paari.