Two Individuals Threaten National Unity – PM Najib


(Bernama) – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, since lately, national unity is often threatened by two individuals.

According to the Prime Minister, the threat could be seen unravelling in two phases, whereby the first phase in 2008 saw the opposition leader starting to play up the racist issue.

“He started to challenge the constitution on the importance of all communities in Malaysia and using it as a political issue to reap votes.

“Prior to this, questioning the national constitution does not arise and all stratas of society lived in harmony. Its effect, after the 12th general election, national politics was decided by the race factor,” said Najib via his latest writing in his official blog

Najib explained that the second factor started when an old leader started to break up the Malay community by forming another Malay political party resulting in the political power of the Malay community splitting five ways.

The Prime Minister said the loose racial unity, compounded by the pressures from the opposition via gatherings disguised behind bipartisan and multiracial images relentlessly pounded the ruling party.

In fact, he said the party administering Penang, which was already charged with corrupt practices, was ignored by the old leader.

Sadder still, said Najib, the old leader was willing to be used by the rallies to break up the people in the country and accused the government of the same things he was accused of in the past.

“The two leaders of disunity in phase one and two are now seen as having shaken hands. We can already expect what they will do to the nation next for the third phase.

“Because of this, it is mandatory that the 1Malaysia agenda be continued,” Najib stressed.