Anwar is smarter than Mahathir


Mahathir controls PKR by proxy. Anwar, however, controls PAN and PPBM by proxy. Mahathir is pissed he cannot also control Umno by proxy. What a mess these people are making of Malaysian politics. Is nothing no longer what it seems?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The PAS ‘Team B’ was created specifically to oust Abdul Hadi Awang. Those in ‘Team B’ were mainly Anwarinas or what DAP calls the ‘moderates’ or ‘progressive Muslims’.

I am not really sure what ‘moderate Muslims’ or ‘progressive Muslims’ actually mean because I have thus far not found any reference to that in the Qur’an. Of course, I do not speak Arabic so maybe that is why I can’t seem to find any mention of ‘moderate Muslims’ or ‘progressive Muslims’ in the Qur’an.

Anyway, I hope either the Mufti of Perlis or Perak can help enlighten me. After all they did say my knowledge on Islam is wanting so I am sure they would not only be pleased to assist me but also would consider it their religious duty and their service to Allah to help guide me in the right direction.

So we had ‘Team B’ in PAS who the non-Muslims call ‘moderate Muslims’ or ‘progressive Muslims’. That can only mean ‘Team A’ must be ‘extreme Muslims’ or ‘regressive Muslims’.

Again, no explanation was given in what way ‘Team A’ is extreme or regressive other than that they support the amendments to the Shariah, which must therefore mean ‘Team B’ does NOT support the amendments.

Anyway, ‘Team B’ tried to oust Hadi and failed. In fact, they won only 20% of the votes during the party election and only one person from ‘Team B’ won. All the others lost. So they decided, since they had been massacred in PAS, they had all better leave and start a new party, which DAP would help finance.

They thought since they won 20% of the votes that means 20% of the PAS members support them. So that also means ‘Team B’ would have more or less 200,000-250,000 supporters in PAS who will leave the party together with the ‘Team B’ leaders.

So they all left to form PAN a.k.a. Amanah thinking that their membership would immediately spiral to 200,000-250,000. But it did not happen. Instead, less than 20,000 joined them and even then not all are from PAS. And the majority are Anwar Ibrahim supporters or Anwarinas.

Then Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad formed his PPBM a.k.a. Pribumi. While PAN was supposed to be the replacement to PAS, PPBM is supposed to be the replacement to Umno.

And, just like PAN thought they would immediately get 200,000-250,000 PAS members to join them, PPBM thought they would get no less than one million Umno members. After all, they did get 1.3 million to 1.4 million signatures for Mahathir’s Citizens’ Declaration in a mere weeks.

But PPBM could not even match PAN in membership. It is struggling to even touch 10,000. And how many of those new members were obtained the same way that they obtained the 1.3 million to 1.4 million signatures for Mahathir’s Citizens’ Declaration?

And, more importantly, many of those new PPBM leaders (or grassroots leaders) are actually Anwar’s people, as you can see in the picture below.


Muhyiddin Yassin surrounded and entrapped by Anwar Ibrahim’s people

These are people who were all originally in Umno (they joined Umno when Anwar did in 1982). Some were in ABIM or in both Umno and ABIM at the same time.

Then they all joined PKN (now called PKR) when the party was formed in 1999 (PKN, at least the first 1,000 of its members, was originally a party of ex-Umno and ABIM people).

Then, after the 1999 general election and before the 2004 general election, when they knew that the opposition was going to get massacred, they all left PKR to join or re-join Umno.

And now they all have left Umno to join PPBM.

So they have taken the Umno to PKR to Umno to PPBM journey. And, just like PAN a.k.a. PAS Baru, Anwar’s people have infested PPBM as well. So Anwar, through a ‘reverse take-over’ or backdoor entry (no pun intended), now controls both PAN and PPBM by proxy.

So who is smarter, Anwar or Mahathir? Ah, but hold on…Mahathir, however, controls PKR, also by proxy. Sheesh, this is beginning to sound like games that the US and Russia play in the Middle East. No wonder the Middle East is in such a mess.