The opposition needs to get its act together first


Salleh Said Keruak

Today, Muhyiddin Yassin said the opposition would be able to take over Johor if it wins just 10 more seats in the next general election. Johor has 56 state seats in total out of which Barisan Nasional currently controls 37 and the opposition 19. Ten more seats will give the opposition a two-seat majority in the Johor State Assembly.

This is called counting your chickens before they hatch. First of all Muhyiddin needs to convince the voters that it has something better to offer them compared to the current government. At the moment it appears like PPBM is merely a party set up to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak just like PKR is a party to free Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

Pakatan Harapan has not even decided yet whether to admit PPBM into the opposition coalition or whether PPBM is merely going to enter into an electoral pact on seat distribution. This must first be established because if they cannot agree even before the elections how are they going to agree after the election in the event they do win Johor?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said they do not need to reveal the opposition’s candidate for Prime Minister just yet and neither do they need to set up a Shadow Cabinet. Pakatan Harapan wants Anwar as the Prime Minister. Does this mean Mahathir does not want Anwar? In that case whom does Mahathir want?