Khairuddin Abu Hassan, stop being a prostitute, or else…


The Third Force

There is no better way to read the stuff that comes from the Mahathirian camp than to read with your eyes closed. For instance, if Dato’ Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan were to say that Dr. Mahathir Mohammad is about to meet Hadi Awang to discuss a Third Force, it’s likely an untruth. But if Dato’ Abdul Kadir Jasin were to say the same, it’s likely an exaggerated truth. So the best thing for us to do is to ignore both these idiots.

Now, it’s not as if Khairuddin is a liar or wants to be a liar. On the contrary, Mahathir deliberately drip feeds Khairuddin with untruths that the latter, being the moron he is, buys into with his whole heart. Yes, this Khairuddin fellow is not very sharp and is easily conned. Kadir, on the other hand, is a natural born liar who knows to do nothing but lie. But because Kadir is Mahathir’s man, Khairuddin also buys into everything the former says and spreads the information with conviction, as if it were the truth. And that makes Khairuddin the mother of all morons.

Which is why, when it comes to persons like Khairuddin, I can never be too careful. At any moment, the fix may be on me. That is to say, Mahathir may want to set me up, and may use morons like Khairuddin to spread untruths he hopes I would pick up and write about. Once the untruth is published, the former premier would get Kadir to pounce on Malaysia Today for spreading lies.

As a matter of fact, this is precisely what Mahathir is up to. The former premier has set a not-too-clever trap for me to have me sounding like a kerbau gila berotak udang. In case you’re wondering what that means, ask Khairuddin – it is exactly what the former UMNO leader accused Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) of being. Sigh…if only someone were to go up to Khairuddin and tell him that the man in the mirror isn’t RPK.

Anyway, like I said, I can never be too careful with info emanating from the Mahathirian camp. But when an informant of mine recently related how Azmin Ali had met Tun Daim Zainuddin to seek some advice, I knew it was the truth. I am told, the Menteri Besar of Selangor appeared tormented and expressed doubt that Mahathir would get anywhere with his obsessive and endless perusal of a regime change. Trust me, it’s all the truth.

If you were to know the people I deal with and the depths we, as a team, go through to get this stuff out to you, you’d immediately realise why we’re not the kind to whip up a fantasy just for the thrills. So yes, Azmin did meet up with Daim recently, and the two did discuss Mahathir. The only detail we’re missing is if Mahathir had come to know of the meeting.

But then, curiously enough, there seems to be a second version to what was discussed during the encounter, which is the norm whenever Mahathir does not want me to expose something. And that can only mean that the former premier is likely to have found out about the meeting and quickly got Khairuddin to spread an unholy version of what transpired for me to pick up.

The correct version, as I stated earlier, pertains to the expression of doubt Azmin conveyed to Daim. According to the Selangor Menteri Besar, the war of perception that Mahathir waged against Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak was hurting PKR. Being its deputy chief, Azmin admitted to neglecting his duties and believes that the mistake will cost him his position in the party. He seems to think that Dr Wan Azizah Ismail and her team are going to zero in on him any moment.

Daim, in return, did not say much other than this – “Leave the old man.” Yes, Daim is suggesting that Azmin distance himself from Mahathir and concentrate instead on ruining PKR. Daim believes that Mahathir has lost his marbles, so to speak, and is fighting a lost cause.

The unholy version, however, tells an entirely different story. It states that Azmin is on the verge of triggering an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to vote Datin Seri Wan Azizah out of her presidency. According to the source of the rumour, Azmin sought the advice of Daim, who told him that the time was about right to pounce on the PKR president and finish her off.

Now this is a complete lie.

So tell me, Khairuddin, why the lie? What is your boss afraid of? I am assuming, of course, that it was you who spread the lie for me to pick up. But then, if it was you, I’m also dead sure that even you did not know it was a lie. After all, you are the mother of all morons, and haven’t the faintest idea that your boss bundles lies with truths and throws them in your direction. Your boss knows, as do we, that with the prostitute’s mouth you have, you’d leak every bit of information he entrusts you with.

For the rest of you guys, this Khairuddin fellow was tasked just two days back by Mahathir to wage a series of assaults against Malaysia Today. Are we that big a threat to Mahathir that he’d resort to such measures? Even so, why get a man who speaks of kerbau gila berotak udang to do the job?

Anyway, as my guys dug deeper, they uncovered a plan by Mahathir to shred my credibility to pieces. So apparently, I was the target. Had I published an article stating Azmin is about to trigger an EGM, Kadir would immediately have issued a statement condemning Malaysia Today for delivering untruths. And then, for the first time ever, Mahathir would ridicule Malaysia Today for feathering my nest.

Yes, that was the plan.

Haven’t I been telling you guys repeatedly how Malaysia Today had become a big problem for Mahathir? We’re toxic. The former premier confided in Daim on more than one occasion how I had grown to be a thorn in his side. Every attempt he and his minions made to ignore me failed miserably.

“He doesn’t know when to shut up,” says Mahathir.

By ruining my credibility, they hoped to turn the people against Malaysia Today and declare RPK the leader of a den of imbeciles. With me – The Third Force – out of the way, Mahathir would immediately have called for the regrouping of opposition parties under a Third Force banner to take Barisan Nasional by its horns during the next general election. Then, on the 19th of next month, Mahathir would come out officially to challenge Najib into triggering the premature dissolution of parliament by March of next year.

See the plan yet?

All said, you’ve got to give this Azmin fellow credit for coming around. The doubt he relayed to Daim is legitimate and shared among leaders of the opposition coalition. Yes, they all know it. Lim Kit Siang knows it, and so does Daim. The odds of Mahathir forcing a resignation from Najib are as good as the odds of me getting to Mars tonight. Ask your milkman. He probably knows it too.

As a matter of fact, quite recently, Kit Siang confided in his closest affiliate how working with Mahathir may have fractured the opposition alliance irrevocably. According to him, Mahathir’s mere presence mired the coalition in strife and triggered finger pointing among its members. The senior Lim believes that the former premier had all along planned to turn members against one another to divide the coalition and later rule it.

Azmin doesn’t for a minute believe that Najib can be toppled. But he also doesn’t have the guts to go against Mahathir’s wishes. The grand old man has all the files on wrongdoing the Selangor Menteri Besar committed in his capacity as the de facto board member of the Selangor Darul Ehsan Investment Group (DIEG). As a matter of fact, Azmin doesn’t dare go against me either, as he knows I have some of that info in my possession, delivered to me by one of his own men, now his enemy.

Yes, I have the tap on Azmin, and a file on Khairuddin that pertains to a development project in Selangor. There are also files on Mahathir and his sons, one with rock solid hints on how a certain Chinese tycoon greased the former premier’s palm for years in relation to a gambling license. We’re talking about millions and millions here, millions that could have been used to feed some very hungry mouths. Yes, Mahathir is bloody corrupt, and so is his son. It’s only a matter of time before all of this comes out into the open.

So to Khairuddin, you and your guys had better stop messing with us in Malaysia Today. While you sit chewing on this article, remember this – villains who clothe themselves in good deed may be well camouflaged, but those who twirl moustaches are easy to spot.

And the next time you look in the mirror and see a kerbau gila berotak udang, remember this – you downright look like the thug you are. Malaysians, in general, have very little regard for you. Take my word for it.