We need more Chinese in government service


Umno is allowing its members to join the Yellow Shirts. And Umno will also allow its members to join the Red Shirts if they want to. The decision is theirs and it is entirely up to them which side they want to join. So let us see what happens on 19th November 2016. This is going to get very interesting.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysians, especially non-Malay Malaysians, are telling foreigners that Malaysia practices discrimination in the form of the New Economic Policy.

Just to digress a bit, the non-Umno parties in Barisan Nasional can confirm that it was actually Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who refused to end the NEP after 1990, as it should have been done. At that time Semangat 46 was very strong (they had just won Kelantan) and Umno was badly divided. Mahathir was worried that if he ended the NEP then Umno may lose the support of the Malays.

Anyway, Malaysia needs to prove to the world that this is not true. The real reason why there are not enough non-Malays in government service is not because they are not accepted into government service but because the salary is too low. So most non-Malays do not want to work for the government.

I mean can you imagine Chinese working as prison guards for RM750 a month where they need to work for the next 30 or 40 years and retire at about RM2,000 a month? They can make far more just by selling DVDs on the street corner.

Actually these people are very selfish. They leave all the low-paying jobs to the Malays. And as if that is not bad enough, they would rather employ foreign labour or illegal immigrants who are prepared to work for even lower salaries than what the Malays would accept.

And then after creating the problem they blame the government for this illegal or foreign labour menace. In the first place all these people would not come to Malaysia unless there is a market for them. And the biggest market is the SMIs. And who owns most of these SMIs and why are they so opposed to setting a minimum wage and setting it at a reasonable level that is comparable to the cost of living?

These SMIs oppose the minimum wage on the excuse that they would be uncompetitive and would lose out to businesses from Malaysia’s neighbours.

Small and medium-sized industries are urging the Government to call off the new minimum wage scheme and let the market forces decide on the pay scale for employees.

The decision to impose the minimum wage should not be done for the sake of achieving a high-income nation status, said SMI Association of Malaysia national president Teh Kee Sin. The wage, he said, should correspond with an employee’s productivity level.


I have noticed many Malaysians accusing me of writing for money and makan dedak and whatnot. If you write or work for money then you are a bastard. If you work free-of-charge then you are a patriot. They expect others to work for free and if you do not work for free then they will whack you and insult you and call you names. They demand that you sacrifice as long as they do not need to sacrifice.

More than 1.3 million Malaysians have not paid back their PTPTN loans. I was told the figure is huge, more than RM100 billion. Why don’t these Malaysians work for free and use 100% of their salary every month to pay back their loans? Once their loans are fully paid they can start taking their salary again.

I mean these are Malaysians who whack others and accuse others of working or writing for money. They say we must sacrifice and work for free if we really are patriots and are really struggling for the country. Yet they will not do the same and sacrifice by working for free until their loans are fully paid.

I understand that the majority of these people are Malays although there are non-Malays amongst them as well. And the non-Malays should show their sincerity and loyalty by joining the government service even if the salary is low.

In fact, the Chinese and Indians should join the armed forces and not just leave these jobs to the Malays and the East Malaysian natives. There is talk that there may be war in the South China Sea. So why should just the Malays and East Malaysians die in wars? The ‘patriotic’ Chinese who condemn others for makan dedak should also makan dedak and be prepared to die for Malaysia.

Most likely they will just migrate to another country and leave the Malays and East Malaysians to makan dedak and die.

Yes, it is easy to vilify others and accuse them of makan dedak and allege they are working for money. But none of you will work for no money. In fact, none of you will work for little money. You will not become soldiers or prison guards because the pay is too low. And you will never risk your life for the country although you say nasty things about others and call others all sort of foul names.

How often have I read comments from Malaysians asking me how I can afford to live in the UK and how much am I being paid and calling me traitor (because I do not support DAP), coward (because I do not return to Malaysia) and many more. They say since I do not live in Malaysia then I should stop writing about Malaysia.

Well, many people who do not live in Malaysia or do not dare step foot in Malaysia write about Malaysia, Clare Rewcastle Brown being just one of them. Why do you not tell her and all those others the same thing? Is it because they whack the government so that means they have a right to write about Malaysia even if they have never been to Malaysia?

What about those one million Malaysians who live overseas (most who are non-Malays), many who participate in Bersih rallies or anti-government activities? Some have never been back to Malaysia for 10 years or more while some have PR status in the country they live in or no longer even have a Malaysian passport. Why is it okay for these people to speak? Is it because they speak against the government and do not support the government?

Can you see how these people are so full of shit? They condemn you and say you should do this and should not do that. But they themselves do the exact opposite of what they say you should or should not do. And they whack you and accuse you of being a money-face while they themselves look at money before they do anything. It is because of more money that one million Malaysians live and work overseas.

Let’s see how many Chinese rush to join the Malaysian military so that we can send them to fight the Chinese if war ever breaks out in the South China Sea. We want to see Chinese who are patriots, who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the country, and who would work for pittance and not work for money.

In short, let us see Chinese put their money where their mouth is and not be too quick to condemn others. And let us also see more Yellow Shirt Chinese on 19th November when the Red Shirts come out to face them. Don’t just let this be a Melayu-lawan-Melayu affair like on 1st October.