Everyone can complain, say political analysts


Analysts say Raja Sara Petra’s statement that eligible voters who do not vote have no right to complain, is wrong.

(FMT) – Whether you vote or not shouldn’t determine your right to complain, according to political analysts.

They were referring to Raja Sara Petra’s recent claim that eligible voters who refused to cast their ballots did not care about Malaysia and had no right to complain about the country.

Speaking to FMT, Universiti Malaya Associate Prof Awang Azman Awang Pawi pointed out that freedom of expression was embedded in the Federal Constitution.

“Anyone can complain, that’s the right they have under the Federal Constitution as well as their basic human right,” he said.

He pointed out that citizens had no say in choosing who their prime minister was in the current system even if they voted.

“As long as all the division leaders and Umno supreme council members support the prime minister, that prime minister will remain in power.”

He claimed that many eligible voters chose not to vote because they were not satisfied with the situation in the country and believed voting would not change that.

“They protest against the ruling party but at the same time are not confident in the existing alternative parties.”

He, however, conceded that the first step in changing the current system was through voting in the general election.