Show you’re worthy to the nation, Raja Sara dared detractors


(Malaysia Outlook) – Raja Sara Petra today slammed pro-opposition commentators, who were notoriously known as ‘Pakatuns’, to stop being paragons of virtues in lecturing others and challenged them to prove their worthiness to the nation.

She rubbished them as only good in talking but would never dare to walk their talks where it really counts.

She said many of them would not have even lifted a finger to sacrifice or contribute to the country, but were quick to teach others on what to do and not to do to and for Malaysia.

“Most of these people who criticised others have themselves done nothing for Malaysia.

“They only passed judgments on others while they themselves have not lifted a finger or sacrificed anything,” said the vocal young political commentator and the daughter of prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, better known as RPK.

Raja Sara asked the pro-opposition Malays on whether they were prepared to relinquish their special rights and whether the Chinese were willing to close down their vernacular schools and accept only a uniform national schooling system.

“Are you Malays who talk so much prepared to sacrifice for Malaysia and for the sake of racial equality, will you give up your Bumiputera privileges?

“Many Malays actually consider these privileges as their rights and will scream ‘Article 153’ if you try to abolish them.

“Are you Chinese who talk so much prepared to sacrifice for Malaysia and work towards racial harmony by doing what His Highness the Sultan of Johor suggested, which is to close down all Chinese schools and have a uniform or national language education system?”