Opposition supporters like monkeys with flowers


(Malaysia Outlook) – Sick and tired with childish mentality of opposition supporters, a political commentator has today likened their cynicism with monkeys having flowers.

Raja Sara Petra said these bunch of opposition supporters, who were notoriously known as Pakatuns, do not understand democracy and freedom of speech as how monkeys would not know about flowers.

For these Malaysians, she said one would be a patriotic Malaysian if one opposed the government, but a traitor if supported the ruling establishment.

“These people are what the Malays would say: like giving a flower to a monkey,” rebuked Raja Sara, the daughter of prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who has been residing in UK for past few years.

She was particularly irked by hundreds of comments over the past few days by these opposition supporters against her father’s commentary pieces that appeared regularly in his blog Malaysia Today and Perspek’s Malaysia Outlook.

Raja Sara rapped these hypocritical Malaysians for their double standard lectures to Raja Petra to not to talk about or interfere in Malaysian politics since he does not live in Malaysia, although he was still a Malaysian citizen.

But surprisingly, she said these hundreds of people do not say the same thing about Clare Rewcastle Brown of Sarawak Report, who not only does not live in Malaysia but is not even a Malaysian citizen.

She pointed out that there were thousands of Malaysians who lived in the UK, US, Australia, etc., and some even held permanent resident status in these countries, but participated in Bersih rallies and many other anti-Malaysian government activities.

She said many of them were not even registered voters or had never ever voted in Malaysian elections, adding that some had never returned to visit Malaysia for decades.

But, she said opposition supporters did not criticise these “foreign” Malaysians, the same way they reproved Raja Petra.

She also questioned on why these opposition backers failed to tick off the Wall Street Journal and many other US publications that talked about Malaysia, especially since none of their journalists lived in Malaysia or were Malaysian citizens.

“Why the hypocrisy and double standards?

“Is the issue about my father not living in Malaysia?

“Or is it you can comment on Malaysian politics, even if you do not live in Malaysia or are not a Malaysian citizen, just as long as you support the opposition and are anti-government?” asked Raja Sara.