‘Watch your back,’ Ali Tinju warns Maria Chin


Maria Chin, however, says Bersih remains committed to its effort in pushing for institutional reform in Malaysia.

(FMT) – Bersih 2.0 Chairman Maria Chin Abdullah should watch her back or she may no longer “walk on this earth” (“tidak akan berjalan di atas bumi”), said Gerakan Merah leader Ali Tinju.

The former soldier, whose real name is Mohd Ali Baharom, issued the warning following Chin’s confirmation that the Bersih 5 rally will take place on Nov 19.

“I will ambush her in the near future. Even if I have to spend 10 years’ in prison, I don’t mind.

“Wait and see. She won’t feel peace and even with 10 or 20 bodyguards, we will whip them.

“She has to remember. I’m worried she may no longer walk on this earth. These are the words of a former soldier.

“Don’t challenge us or we will make it so that her legs point upwards and her head points downward to the ground (kaki dia ke atas, kepala dia ke bawah jalan),” he told FMT today.

Meanwhile, Ali said his group may also organise an “exercise session” in front of Chin’s house to “strengthen their hips”.

He did not speak further about the plan and instead informed FMT of his plan to hold a counter-rally should Bersih proceed with its Nov 19 plan as the former soldier claimed that Bersih 5 would only trouble the daily routine of others.

“Why is she trying to be a hero? If you are not happy with the ruling government, you wait for the 14th General Election. Our country has laws and this should be respected.

“We will bring our men and protest against them (Bersih 5) on the same day.

“But in the near future, I will ambush Chin, maybe at her house, maybe at a shop, maybe anywhere.

“If she goes ahead with Bersih 5, which will trouble the traders, the shoppers and cause foreigners to feel as if our country is not safe, Chin will not be able to feel safe any more.”

Asked as to the legal repercussions should he in any way cause harm to Chin or the people entrusted to protect her wellbeing, Ali said that was in the hands of the courts, not Chin.

“Don’t cause disharmony in our country as we are completely against that.”