Siew Khim says father ‘creating trouble all my life’


In media interview, Penang assembly member denies any knowledge of her father allegedly collecting money from applicants for public housing.

(FMT) – Penang state assemblywoman Lim Siew Khim of the DAP is reported to have described her father as someone with a history of creating trouble.

“Honestly speaking… I’d rather not say, but… My father has been creating trouble ever since I was a child, and all throughout my years growing up until I am an adult… It’s become like eating rice and drinking water to me,” she was quoted as saying.

Lim, speaking in Mandarin, made the remark in a video interview recorded by the China Press in Penang when a DAP delegation called at the newspaper yesterday, Malaysiakini reported.

Her remark came hours after a video clip was posted online on Saturday morning, implicating her in a bribes-for-housing controversy involving her father, Lim Keat Seong.

Her father has been held in remand after a video posted last week showed him purportedly receiving money from applicants for Penang’s public housing scheme.

Last Sunday, Siew Khim denied any knowledge of her father’s activities but yesterday a new video clip showed a WhatsApp conversation of a mediator saying he had contacted Siew Khim and given her a day to find ways for her father to return the money.

Siew Khim, who is assembly member for Sungai Pinang, reiterated that she had no knowledge of her father purportedly collecting money from housing applicants to secure low-cost flats for them.

In another media interview, she said: “I did receive a call from a youth leader from another party some time last year but when I confronted my father, he denied any involvement”. She also denied asking her stepbrother to arrange for a meeting.

DAP leaders have said the allegations being made against the Lims were politically motivated.