Sara Petra: Don’t blame whole party for few members’ sins


Daughter of blogger Raja Petra questions lack of understanding by DAP’s Syerleena and Dyana Sofya about providing proof to back their claims that Umno cheated the Malays.

(FMT) – Raja Sara Petra has advised Syerleena Abdul Rashid and Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud of the DAP against casting blame on the whole party of Umno for the actions of a few members.

“Just because someone is a member of a political party and that someone commits a crime does not mean the entire party has committed a crime,” she said today in a press statement in response to comments the two DAP politicians have made about Umno.

Earlier Syerleena and Dyana gave examples of how Malay reserve land was sold off for property and hotel projects, after the duo was challenged to show proof that Umno had cheated the Malay community, as stated by several other Umno members who had jumped ship to join the DAP.

She asked if the examples Syerleena and Dyana gave were of Umno as a party cheating the Malays or of people who happen to be Umno members who cheated other Malays, assuming they did cheat the Malays in the first place.

Earlier today, Syerleena told FMT of several deals involving Malay reserve land being sold, including one lot in Penang in 2012 involving two Umno politicians, and another involving a tycoon.

In response Raja Sara, daughter of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, cited Anwar Ibrahim’s jailing on a sodomy charge and said “is it he or is it his whole party, which will include his family as well, who was convicted of sodomy? Would it be fair for me to allege that PKR committed sodomy just as DAP says the whole Umno cheated the Malays?”

She suggested that the DAP pair may not understand the concept of providing evidence to back their claims. “Proof requires tangible evidence and not mere allegations like what these two are doing,” she said.

Raja Sara said she knew certain politicians in her home state of Terengganu who “twisted the arm” of the state government to approve certain projects in Pulau Redang, despite its status as a marine park.

“The state government had no choice but to reluctantly approve those projects to this Chinese tycoon, as they also had to do in Langkawi,” she said.

“So what are these two DAP girls trying to say? Are they saying the then Prime Minister cheated the Malays by giving land to a Chinese tycoon? If this is what they are trying to say then say it,” she said.