Mahathir’s chalice of poisoned wine


The Third Force

Hey, what is up guys? If you remember, I did tell you that the former premier of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, has been checkmated. He knows it, I know it. But he wants you to think that he has everything under control. Well, you’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.

But before we begin, let me be the first to announce, that Dr. Mahathir Mohammad has officially launched a vendetta against Malaysia Today. Yes, we’re hurting him – so badly, that he’s resorted to psyching the people by telling them “ok, I made mistakes, but just give me a chance.”

Last Wednesday, Mahathir publically admitted that a conspiracy existed between three Tan Sris to topple Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak through democratic thievery. He confessed that a ‘fourth’ Tan Sri had foiled the coup attempt by spilling some detail of the plot to Najib. The former premier correctly stated that the leakage of information had prevented Najib from being arrested.

However, what he did not state, was that the charge sheet by which Najib would have been arrested was fabricated by two of the three Tan Sris. Worse, the Tan Sri who soured the coup attempt was really not a fourth, but among the three he had named a day earlier.

That was clarified by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), who came right out to tell us that the Tan Sri who blew the whistle was none other than Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, one of the three (and not a fourth) that Mahathir had initially confirmed were complicit against Najib. In other words, Mahathir’s ‘confession’ was not really a confession, but an attempt by him to frame another Tan Sri, the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Then, just yesterday, the former premier apologized for having amended the constitution to pare down the role of the King in legislature. The apology, however, was not without a strand of deception. While he did appear remorseful, all he did was deliver the impression of an apology.

That is to say, he wasn’t in the least bit sorry that the constitution had been amended. He was only sorry that the amendment hand been ‘abused’ by the Najib administration. That means, if his son were to lead government, the amendment would hold, because he would come out to tell you that “unlike Najib, my son would never abuse the amendment.”

Do you see how Mahathir messes with your minds? First, he tries to frame the IGP. Then, he gets you to think that he actually was sorry for having twisted the arms of the rulers.

Truth is, he doesn’t give jack shit about rulers in this country, and never did. When he partially stripped them off their powers under his reign, he did so by running rings around legislature. Back then, everyone in UMNO was afraid to oppose him, because the UMNO of the eighties and nineties was “the UMNO of Mahathir.”

Take my word for it – there is no strand of moral fibre left in Mahathir. All he’s interested in doing is to feather a nest for his son before he dies. It’s all about making his son Prime Minister by 2021, even if it means destroying Barisan Nasional or the country. Make no mistake of it.

As a matter of fact, that was precisely what he told to a very private meeting at his residence in the wee hours of the morning, days after Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir was sacked from UMNO. Rest assured, I’ll discuss that meeting with you guys at a later date. For now, let’s just say, Mahathir emphasized to all present that the only way Mukhriz would ever become Prime Minister was if Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi agreed to betray Najib during the next general election.

The former premier discussed a possible meeting between Zahid and a go-between to table the coup plot. He wanted Zahid to work together with a shadow movement he built in UMNO towards wresting control of the party from Najib. But the planned meeting between Zahid and the go-between never did transpire.

Still, that wasn’t the first time the idea of roping Zahid into the conspiracy cropped up. What Mahathir discussed at that meeting and everything he is doing today was scripted back in August 2015 with a certain Chinese Tan Sri. If you were to read into the script, you’d understand why Mahathir is doing what he is doing today.

As a matter of fact, everything he spewed these past two or three days was meant to defang RPK. It’s simple – just apologize for every other claim RPK made these past few months, and tell people you’re sincere in wanting to ‘save’ Malaysia from Najib. That way, RPK loses the battle. That’s the plan.

And that is precisely why some of his scripts were edited. For example, instead of coming out to say he had tried “his best to ‘save’ Malaysia, but failed,” Mahathir is now saying, “I made mistakes trying to save Malaysia, I admit that. So please come and help me do it the correct way. Help me rid the nation of this virus called Najib.”

I mean, the glass is half full or half empty, right? Today you say ‘po-tae-to’, and tomorrow, you can say ‘po-tah-toe’. It’s still a potato.

Another digression from the August 2015 script was the launching of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) – it was supposed to have happened next month. Instead, Mahathir went ahead and launched the party last month. He was forced to do so when his ‘save’ Malaysia campaign turned mustard following tactical gaffes and blunders his minions littered all over the campaign.

According to the original plan, once he ‘defangs’ RPK (lord knows he’ll never be able to do it), he will come after me. I’m told, they’re already at the drawing board trying to figure out the best way to get ‘rid’ of me. But as you can see, my butter fingers just won’t stop typing these juicy articles. I’m spilling out loads and loads of Mahathir’s shit for you guys to ponder every other day. It beats the hell out of watching porn, doesn’t it?

I mean, it didn’t take a billion ringgit for me to type this piece, and neither did I make a cent out of it. I’m driven by patriotism, passion and the cause of justice. Mahathir, on the other hand, drives his henchmen with enough ‘sweetener’ from the five billion ringgit voucher he negotiated through some persons I have yet to name. Yet, his henchmen just can’t seem to get the job done right. So perhaps it’s true what they say – “you pay billions, you get minions.”

Anyway, Mahathir is scheduled to make a very important announcement this November. According to plans, he is to challenge Najib to dissolve Parliament by March next year. In his heart of hearts, he believes that Pribumi would have gained a reasonable foothold within the Malay voter base by then to pose a serious threat to UMNO.

For that to happen, Mahathir anticipates that it would cost Pribumi at least a billion ringgit to wage a five-month war of an untold proportion against the ruling coalition, set to begin this October. However, the minute I blew the whistle on that plot, Mahathir pushed the panic button and seems to have touched the war off already. I think the former premier fears that Najib may just go ahead and dissolve Parliament this November.

Perhaps that is why we’re seeing the likes of Clare Rewcastle Brown and Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah spitting new venom into the war of perception against Najib. Quite recently, the Sarawak Report chief editor implied that the Prime Minister had conspired with the King to safeguard his position in government.

According to her, Najib had driven “a coach and horses through the constitution in order to put himself above the law.” Now, is it a mere coincidence that Mahathir chose to come out right after her to ‘apologize’ for having driven that same coach and those same horses through the constitution back when he was Prime Minister?

I mean, she’s saying that Najib had messed with the constitution to get things done. Mahathir is saying that he’s ‘sorry’ he messed with the constitution to get things done. See the sync and timing in their statements? It’s almost as if the two were psychic and read each other’s minds.

However, what Mahathir is subtly trying to pervade your minds with is the idea that Najib had conspired with the King to subvert (or mess with) the constitution. He wants you to think, “Why talk about Mahathir amending the constitution, when Najib and the King are so close that the constitution does not matter to them in the first place?”

Do you now believe me when I say that Mahathir is the dirtiest scumbag alive today?

Speaking of scumbags, yesterday, Razaleigh announced that Pribumi was a force to be reckoned with and ‘not your everyday party’. Now, I did tell you recently that Razaleigh is the biggest liar there is in Malaysia. I mean, this guy got his nephew, Dato’ Nik Azmi, to invite me to a meeting on the 22nd of August 2015 to discuss ways to ‘save’ Malaysia from Najib. Yet today, he claims to be neutral and wants only “what is best for the country.”

The meeting, held days after Mahathir had met the Chinese Tan Sri to discuss ‘saving Malaysia’, wanted me to write against the Malaysian electoral system. Calling both Najib and his wife crooks, Nik seemed eager to turn people against Najib by telling them that the Prime Minister was in power owing to ‘party elitism’.

The meeting implied that certain UMNO leaders were conspiring to keep Najib in power for ‘corrupt’ reasons. Nik, who insisted that Najib had embezzled funds from 1MDB, wanted me to tell the people that UMNO was a self contained cocoon where the corrupt shuffled and manipulated others through the vote of elitism. I mean, just ask Aspan Alias – he was there.

Aspan, a thoroughbred Najib hater himself, can tell you how Nik insisted that the system needed changing so that the people could vote a Prime Minister straight into office, the same way Americans vote their Presidents in. Ask me, and I’ll tell you that both Nik and Aspan are half-past-six clowns who are dreamers as much as they are idiots.

To cut a long story short, on the 22nd of August 2015, Razaleigh’s nephew, Dato’ Nik Azmi, wanted me to funnel doubt in the minds of Malaysians against Najib by getting them to believe that not only was he corrupt, he was in power because the system itself was corrupt.

It was Razaleigh who put Nik up to it. And it was Mahathir who put Razaleigh up to it. Today, Razaleigh wants you to think that UMNO is all flavour but no juice. He, however, forgot to mention an agreement he undertook with Mahathir a while back, where he graciously agreed to be a ‘standby replacement’ for Muhyiddin should anything happen to the latter.

Oh darn it, I just broke another promise I made to a certain Chinese Dato’ by making this public for the very first time. Seriously, I got to get out of this ‘bad’ habit of breaking promises in the name of national security.

Say, now that I mention it, what could possibly happen to Muhyiddin? Does anyone know? I wonder…

Are you guys enjoying yourselves? I did promise to tell you how Mahathir and Mukhriz would destroy the DAP and PKR, didn’t I? So stick around. I’ll be back very soon with tons of exciting episodes of the dumb and dumber.

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