Rafizi consulting lawyers to lodge report against IGP


Police inaction against those behind 1MDB is not helping the image of the police force, says PKR Vice-President Rafizi Ramli.

(FMT) – PKR lawmaker Rafizi Ramli is looking into the possibility of lodging a police report against Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar over the 1MDB issue.

He claimed the top cop had failed to act on reports made against those linked to the alleged embezzlement of 1MDB funds.

“If Khalid continues to act this way, I’ll discuss with my lawyers on perhaps lodging a police report against him,” said the PKR vice-president in a statement today.

He alleged that the police inaction on matters surrounding 1MDB was in contrast to their quick stern action against those, including himself, who criticised the state investment firm and Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“I was contacted by the Sungai Buloh police yesterday, informing me that I am being investigated for my speech in front of the Sungai Buloh Prison on Aug 10 during the gathering to celebrate (former Opposition leader) Anwar Ibrahim’s 69th birthday.

“I was also informed that the investigation papers would be referred to the deputy public prosecutor on Aug 25.

“(And) Last Saturday, three student activists, who held a briefing session on the #TangkapMO1 rally, were detained and handcuffed by police in Seri Iskandar. They were remanded for three days.”

The Pandan MP added that these actions were not helping the police image, especially in a situation where the public was already angered by the back-to-back revelations alleging misappropriation of funds from 1MDB.

“What more when the same actions (taken against Najib and 1MDB critics) did not apply to the main individuals behind 1MDB.”

Khalid, in response, told Malaysiakini that police would look into it if Rafizi proceededs to lodge a report against him.

“If there is basis for an investigation, surely it will be investigated,” Khalid was quoted as saying in the news portal.

He also told Rafizi to read the news so he could be updated on the latest developments on police investigations into 1MDB.

“I have been making regular statements on this and the last (statement) was that we are discussing it with the attorney-general now,” he told the portal.

Khalid, in a press conference last week, said police had completed the first phase of the investigation into 1MDB and were waiting for further orders from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).