Mahathir was just bitch slapped!


The Third Force

It seems that the full impact of what I wrote last Thursday has begun to sink in. Yesterday, PKR deputy chief Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali appeared to defend Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s position as party president, stressing that a decision has yet to be made if Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should take over her role.

At first glance, you’d probably think of the remark as a sign that Azmin was distancing himself from Dr, Mahathir Mohammad and Muhyiddin. However, what Azmin said yesterday was a desperate attempt by him to diffuse tensions between him and Wan Azizah, now that the truth is out in the air. Rumours that he is plotting to topple her has gained so much momentum, the party president is said to be on red alert.

Rest assured, the Thursday article riled many people up. Several persons aligned with Mahathir are probably at a loss, trying to figure out why the former premier had kept them in the dark about so many things.

For instance, Dato’ Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan may likely be wondering if the sacrifices he made supporting Mahathir were worthwhile. Sure, he’s being paid handsomely to spew garbage all over the media against government. But why wasn’t he told of plans to trigger a snap election?

The same thought may be running through Wan Azizah’s mind. The PKR president was only told that Najib needed bringing down. Never was she informed that the plan was to trigger the early dissolution of parliament. Worse, she hadn’t a clue that Mahathir wanted her ousted as party president.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. Last Thursday, I took the wraps off a long range mission by Mahathir to trigger a snap election next March. The idea was first put on the table by a certain Chinese Tan Sri, who argued that Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak could only be removed through the ballot box.

There to discuss the proposal with the Tan Sri was Mahathir, along with a long time associate of his and Azmin. The four met early in August last year and concluded that Wan Azizah and her daughter needed to be booted from PKR, the sooner the better. That deadline has since been revised to November owing to major tactical blunders by many of Mahathir’s minions, the likes of Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin (Mamak Maidin) and Dato’ Abdul Kadir Jasin.

Central to the proposal was a yearlong ‘save’ Malaysia campaign, meant to funnel doubt in the minds of voters against Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. But thanks or no thanks to a series of articles that Malaysia Today has been publishing, both Azmin and Mahathir are now in damage control mode. For instance, today, there is little or no talk of ‘saving’ Malaysia – its 1MDB all over again.

According to the scheduled run, Mahathir was to bring the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign full circle earlier this month by conceding that he “failed the people.” Using that as an excuse, he was supposed to come out this September to announce the setting up of a new party and a Third Force. He would label the move as a “last resort” to free the country from the “clutches of a corrupt and evil administration.”

Thereafter, the former premier would foment uncertainty and confusion by triggering a ‘ruthless’ five-month assault against Najib, midway through which a very important announcement would be made. Some time in November or December, he would declare that Najib did not command the majority support of Malaysians and challenge the Prime Minister to put that theory to vote in March.

By then, Mahathir would have spent close to three billion ringgit to finance his new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi), and to step up a world media campaign against Najib and his family. A remaining two billion would go into greasing electoral machineries that his party would run together with Pakatan Harapan under the banner of a Third Force.

There is just that much more detail to that story, some of which you can read about by following the link below:

Today, I’m going to address some questions that crept up ever since the Thursday article was published. As a matter of fact, I will attempt to pose some answers to uncertainties that have arisen as a result of the article. Note, some of what I said above may be repeated for the purpose of clarity.

  1. Whose idea was it to launch a campaign to ‘save’ Malaysia?

Like I said, ‘save’ Malaysia was an idea that was first put on the table by a certain Chinese Tan Sri, a tycoon, who Mahathir had turned from millionaire to billionaire-magnate under his reign.

  1. What was the core purpose of the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign?

An August 2015 meeting resolved that the campaign be run for a year to blacken Najib’s name, to a point that it wouldn’t matter if the Prime Minister were innocent or guilty.

  1. Who is the Chinese Tan Sri?

I will not name the Tan Sri now or at any time in the near or distant future, come hell or high water. However, I have informed Raja Petra Kamarudin and a close affiliate of mine who this Tan Sri is.

  1. Why would Mahathir need the Chinese Tan Sri?

The Chinese Tan Sri is not just a perfectionist, but a master in laying tactical gambits. He is able to work the odds to complex and convoluted schemes that are almost always sure wins. He is known to have his tentacles lodged within coteries linked to the government.

  1. Is the Chinese Tan Sri still part of a conspiracy to topple Najib?


The Chinese Tan Sri played both ends against the middle, meaning, he supported a competition between Mahathir and Najib from both sides to see who the better tactician was. Whatever the outcome, he knew he would benefit the most and would be rewarded. As of this moment, he knows that there is no way in hell Mahathir would ever defeat Najib.

  1. Does Mahathir know that the Tan Sri is only ‘humouring’ him?

That was the guess by a reader in Malaysia Today. I was told Mahathir isn’t aware.

  1. Why does Mahathir want the general election held in March 2017?

The election – assuming it happens – would come at the tail end of a five month ‘bloody’ onslaught against the government that Mahathir has charted on his calendar, set to begin this October. The former premier is optimistic that the Malays will deliver Pribumi a fourteen seat entry into parliament. He is also willing to spend a billion on the Pakatan Harapan campaign to deliver the Third Force a fourteen seat majority against Barisan Nasional.

  1. Will the plan work?

Highly unlikely, particularly since it’s now exposed. But Mahathir seems to think it will.

  1. What would happen then?

All Mahathir really needs is for the Third Force to win a ‘safe’ entry into parliament. Assuming that the Third Force succeeds Barisan Nasional with a seven or so seat margin, he has in mind to get the Tan Sri to negotiate terms with Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the minute results are made official. Zahid would be told that all Pribumi reps would deflect to UMNO on condition that he became Prime Minister and Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, his deputy.

Once Barisan Nasional returns as government, Mukhriz would go to the depths of hell and back to make sure that the DAP and PKR are wiped off from the map.

  1. For that to happen, Pribumi must garner ten seats, to say the least, Can that happen?

Why not?

PKR is currently at its weakest and at the verge of collapsing. Mahathir would pump more money into the DAP’s campaign than he would the PKR campaign. He hopes that a bulk of Malay moderates would ditch Wan Azizah in favour of Pribumi.

  1. After reading this, would PKR or the DAP still work with Mahathir?

I’m not sure. Either way, they’re doomed.

  1. What is Azmin Ali’s role in the whole plot?

Azmin was tasked with wresting control of PKR from Wan Azizah. Assuming that he does topple her, he would immediately sack her and her daughter, Nurul Izzah Anwar, from the party on grounds that are yet uncertain. Mahathir would then turn PKR into a Pribumi proxy and talk merger the minute the election results are announced.

  1. Why is Azmin yet to make a move on the PKR president?

Azmin has corruption and sex scandals that are yet to be made public. Both Wan Azizah and Rafizi Ramli are well aware of the scandals. However, the PKR deputy chief knows of another sex scandal involving Rafizi, said to be steamier and far more repugnant than his own.

  1. What if Mahathir’s plan does not work?

That is why he keeps a close repo with Bersih’s chairperson, Maria Chin Abdullah. Remember the blackout 505 rallies? Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim got tens of thousands to take to the streets with far, far less than a billion ringgit. So imagine what a billion will do.

Mahathir would probably trigger a riot the minute Barisan Nasional is declared winner. By 2017, he would be 92. Now imagine what would happen if the police were to strike or arrest a 92 year old former premier. Which is why, Mahathir would probably lead the riots himself.

  1. Siti Hasmah seems to be ‘suddenly Siti’. She’s seen openly supporting her husband in recent days, which is odd. Why?

Siti Hasmah is no Mother Teresa, although many believe she is. Mahathir is very desperate these days, that so much so, he got his wife to come out and criticize Najib, albeit subtly.

  1. Will Mahathir concede defeat?

No. But some of his closest aides have begun to distance themselves from him, including Tun Ling Liong Sik and Tun Daim Zainuddin. They’re still in his camp, but they’re playing it safe. And here’s a secret I think you should know – Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah is still complicit with Mahathir to topple Najib. He’s the biggest liar there is in Malaysia.

  1. Should Najib call for snap polls?

That’s up to him. But let’s work the odds out.

Assuming that Najib does call for a snap election, which I personally think he should, he would need to do so by November or December this year. That would put a spoke in Mahathir’s wheel once and for all. It would be a sure way of foiling all attempts at sabotaging government.

Alternatively, Najib could let the 13th Malaysian Parliament to run its full course and hold elections in 2018. By then, the RoS would likely have completed its discovery into electoral irregularities that the DAP leadership was accused of orchestrating in 2013.

By then also, the High court would probably have delivered verdicts on the charges of fraud that were brought against the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, earlier this year. Assuming that Guan Eng is found guilty, the party’s new leadership would probably reject a working relationship with Mahathir at all costs.

Muhyiddin would not be spared the wrath of time. By 2018, his name would be spat on once the unsavoury details of his sex scandal with Nika Gee blast into the open. That would place Mahathir on the horns of a very thorny dilemma, as he would have nobody to run his party. I am told that the former premier has plans to lead the party himself.

However, many things can happen in the span of 20 months. There is no telling the kind of foothold that Mahathir’s party could gain in that time. Plus, there is that much more where his billions came from, and there are just that many tycoons who owe debts of gratitude to him.

Furthermore, the former premier has been secretly building a shadow movement within UMNO that seems supportive of Najib but is hell bent on sabotaging the party come the next general election. Should this movement gain a firm foothold at the grassroots level, it would spell disaster for UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

  1. All said, is this checkmate for Mahathir?

You’re damned right it is. And he knows it. Stick around. You’ll soon come to know why.