Some Dads Buy Their Sons Cars; Mukhriz, He Gets A Political Party!


The Malaysian Observer

It must be nice to have a dad who can provide his children with trinkets from time to time.  This is especially true when your name is Mukhriz Mahathir.

Perhaps at some point in time in the not so distant pass, Mukhriz had hinted to his father that he (Mukhriz) would like to be Prime Minister some day.  Tun Mahathir being a dutiful father no doubt started hatching a plan to make his son’s or perhaps his own wish a reality.

Clearing out a path (however subtle) for his son Mukhriz took no great effort when Tun Mahathir was still Prime Minister.  However, as things have turned out, some promises are best left not made.

Since Tun Mahathir has physically stepped away from office any sway he had over the party where he once reigned supreme had vanished no sooner had the doors of power closed behind him.

Realizing that he no longer held the aces, Tun Mahathir had to bluff in order to keep both he and his son in the game.  As a result of his bluff, he was able to manoeuvre one Prime Minister out of office and when he thought the successor would not play according to his rules he sought to bluff him out of office as well.  Unfortunately for Tun Mahathir he ran up against an opponent who was just as if not more adept at politics.

Tun Mahathir therefore to use every resource available to him including collaboration with his enemies so that he could fulfil the wish of his son becoming Prime Minister.  His path of choice was and still is UMNO, but he has come to realize that removing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is by no way an easy task.

Then for a period, Tun Mahathir snuggled up to the Pakatan Harapan only to be subtly pushed away by them after he failed to produce any results during the past three (3) elections; with the only quantitative results being collected signatures which are highly questionable.