Mahathir’s and Pribumi’s secret agenda against multiracialism


The Third Force

What’s up guys? Today, I’m going to be talking a little more about former premier Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. But before anything, I’d like to bring to your attention an article I posted just two days back, titled Is this what Mahathir needs RM5 billion for? (refer

In that article, you may or may not have noticed that I made mention of more than one Tan Sri. As a matter of fact, there were those who got in touch with me and wanted to know if I had referred to just one Tan Sri, or two. Well, if you’d read the article again, carefully, you’d notice that I had referenced three.

I will reveal the names of two of those Tan Sris in due time. For now, let us just focus on one of these Tan Sris, and Mahathir’s new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi). Also, let me reiterate, that Pribumi was not a knee-jerk response to Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir’s sacking from UMNO. On the contrary, Mukhriz was sacked months after plans to set up a new party and a Third Force had been put on the table by this Tan Sri.

It all began early in August 2015, when a very fractured and distraught Mahathir discussed with this Tan Sri the failed coup attempt against Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak’s premiership. Mahathir was utterly disgusted that Najib had pre-empted the July 2015 coup by sacking his then deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He was getting different versions of the ‘truth’, and needed to know from this Tan Sri what had actually gone wrong.

It was then that the Tan Sri – who by the way, seemed to know a lot about the goings on within the inner circles of government – spilled some detail that explained how Najib came to figure out the plot. I mean, he was able to tell who had met Najib and what was discussed to the minute detail. Hearing this, the former premier went raving mad and began pointing his finger at those he claimed had “big mouths” they just couldn’t “keep shut.”

The meeting, attended also by Mahathir’s long time associate and trusted aide, began discussing the next course of action. There was a sense of utter urgency that day, as according to sources, Mahathir indicated that “time was fast running out.” Now, can anyone guess what Mahathir meant when he said “time was running out?”

Anyway, the meeting discussed how top UMNO leaders were privy to information that linked Mahathir and Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz to a conspiracy to topple Najib. The Tan Sri concluded that Najib would never concede defeat to Mahathir, as his position in UMNO was as sound as it could ever get. This really got Mahathir down.

Still, the trio sought ways to force Najib into a compromise of sorts. I am told that many options were laid on the table. Among them, the meeting proposed to step up the media campaign against Najib with the burden of guilt, to a point that the Prime Minister would surrender and seek for truce.

But the more they delved into things, the more they realised that any attempt to force Najib into compliance would be futile. Both the Tan Sri and Mahathir knew that Najib was a tough nut to crack. At last, the three agreed that the only way Najib could ever be brought down would be through the ballot box.

Soon after that, the trio were said to have convened a meeting with the current Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali. It was then that the idea of ‘saving’ Malaysia suddenly popped up. The Tan Sri proposed that Najib be demonized to a point that his name would be so black, it wouldn’t matter if he were innocent or guilty. Malaysians would just want a new Prime Minister.

I am told that the meeting resolved to drag the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign until August 2016, which is this month. If things had gone according to plan, we should be expecting Mahathir to come out any day now to declare that he had done his best to ‘save’ Malaysia, but failed. Accordingly, he would then announce the setting up of a new party and a Third Force in September – which is next month – as a “last resort to save Malaysia.”

But as you already know, not only has the new party been announced, Muhyiddin has even filled and submitted the necessary forms to register the new party. In other words, things did not go quite as Mahathir and the Tan Sri had hoped they would. Plans began to change when several of Mahathir’s minions turned missions they were charged with executing into parpu curry, nasi dalcha and sambal belacan.

For instance, his minions were caught red handed forging a Citizen’s Declaration against the Prime Minister, meant to deliver the impression that the people desperately wanted Najib removed. The Citizen’s Declaration was supposed to have been followed by a series of road shows to explain why it was inevitable that Najib be brought down. But his minions kept littering the ‘save’ Malaysia campaign with blunders, that so much so, the ‘road shows’ became ‘no-shows’.

There was one other problem.

Mahathir’s new party was scheduled to forge an alliance with PKR in a month’s time. Once accomplished, Mahathir would come out to announce a Third Force and declare a war, said to be of an untold proportion, against Barisan Nasional. For the plan to work, Azmin was tasked with wresting control of PKR from its president, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah, by or before September this year. And that’s just a month away.

But why was it so important for Azmin to topple Wan Azizah?

If you’re thinking that Mahathir did not trust Wan Azizah, you’re spot on. As a matter of fact, this was discussed between Mahathir and the Tan Sri on more than one occasion since August last year. They knew that with Wan Azizah in charge, the Third Force would forever be bedevilled by her hidden desire to avenge her husband’s imprisonment. As a matter of fact, it was the Tan Sri who is said to have convinced Mahathir that Wan Azizah needed to go by hook or by crook.

It struck me recently that Mahathir may have agreed, simply because from day one, he may have known that seat allocations would be a major hurdle to cross before polls. He may have known that with Wan Azizah as president, PKR would never agree to give up any of its seats for the new party to contest. There could have also been the fear that the new party would end up in multi-cornered contests should PKR play dirty during polls.

Anyway, both the Tan Sri and Mahathir agreed that it was not enough for Azmin to become PKR president. Azmin needed to find a way to kick both Wan Azizah and her daughter, Nurul Izzah, out from the party for good. Never mind the legalities – those could be sorted out later. Mahathir could not risk derailing the planned five-month onslaught against the ruling coalition, which is supposed to begin this October.

According to plans, Mahathir would come out midway through the mudslinging campaign to call for a snap election. Assuming this to be true, we could have expected Mahathir to make that announcement sometime in November or December this year, no sooner. But do you think Azmin can topple Wan Azizah by September?

Not a cat in hells chance.

That said, it’s not as if plans to topple Wan Azizah have been put on the back burner. It’s just that the deadline for Azmin to topple her has been shifted to November. This means, Mahathir’s new party would have to launch the so called ‘bloody’ attack against Barisan Nasional all by itself this October.

Now, all said and done, there is one other thing I feel you ought to know.

In one of the many meetings Mahathir held with the Tan Sri, they discussed the best framework through which the new party would operate. The Tan Sri proposed a multiracial platform to assemble heavyweights from Barisan Nasional, the likes of Tun Ling Liong Sik, Dato’ Seri Palanivel, and not to mention, a very embattled and ‘preoccupied’ Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Now, that seemed like a plan, don’t you think? I mean, on one hand, you’d have Barisan Nasional, a coalition of three distinct parties moulded on ethnic differences. On the other hand, you would have a multiracial outfit that not only symbolised unity, but would have big-league players running the show.

However, Mahathir flatly rejected the multiracial proposal. Do you know why?

His biggest fear was that a multiracial party would open the door for a Chinese or an Indian to one day become Prime Minister. That is, of course, assuming that the multiracial affair wielded a majority representation within the legislative assembly. But this totally contrasts the words he spewed in Selangor last year. On the 9th of February 2015, Mahathir told a crowd in Bangi that the Federal Constitution was blind on ethnicity when it came to the question of appointing the Prime Minister.

“This is a democratic country… if people want Lim (Kit Siang) to be the prime minister, the constitution does not prevent him, even though he is a Chinese,” he said.

Do you now understand why Pribumi will allow non-Malays to hold positions in the party but never allow them to vote? That’s just like getting married and later being told that you can’t have sex with your spouse. But then, Mahathir believes that his new party would attract a large number of Malay moderates who may one day be open to the idea of having a non-Malay Prime Minister.

And that begs the question – if indeed Mahathir is opposed to non-Malays heading government, then what business could Kit Siang possibly have sharing a stage with him? I mean, isn’t Kit Siang all about racial and religious equity, more than everything else?

Hell, who am I kidding? Kit Siang is also the kind of guy who first tells you to populate planet earth, then later announces that wearing condoms is the way to go about it.

Anyway, stick around guys. This battle has only begun. I’ll be back with a new story very soon.