Divorce case allegedly involving top politician pushed to Sept 6


(MMO) – A high-profile divorce case implicating a senior politician was set for case management on September 6 by the High Court here today.

The case between former deputy public prosecutor Stanley Clement Augustin and businesswoman Nika Gee Siew Yee, which has received attention due to its links to the politician, is set to proceed after Gee, previously unrepresented, appointed a new lawyer today.

Choo De Wei and Bryan Ng today declared their appointment as Gee’s representatives at the Family Court.

“I was just appointed yesterday so I will await further instructions from my client on the next step,” Choo told reporters outside the court.

Stanley, who applied for the divorce, reportedly signed a statutory declaration linking the politician and his wife.

He was represented by lawyers S. Periasamy and Kumar Muniandy.