Lynch is a bully

Loretta E. Lynch

(Malaysia Outlook) – A Malaysian-born Australian lawyer Quintin Rozario has labelled the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch as a ‘bully’ over her “gung-ho” civil suit press conference on Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, the 1MDB.

The Brisbane-based lawyer described Lynch’s manner conducting the press conference last month was more of an attack on the sovereignty of Malaysia.

“She could have focused more on the property seizure rather attacking certain individuals.

“Why so much gung-ho at the press conference?

“The US only has laws to confiscate properties. What is the lawful authority that the US has?

“There was a conspiracy to defraud 1MDB.

“Loretta Lynch has acted like a big bully. It’s clear bullying by the US on a small sovereign nation like Malaysia,” Rozario told newsmen at a press conference arranged by a non-governmental organisation, Perspek in Petaling Jaya today.

He said that during their press conference, Lynch and her team should have put forward the evidence against the civil suit to the members of media.

“But they did not. They tried to imply someone was guilty without any evidence or any authoritative decision by a court or tribunal,” said Rozario.

He further blasted the American authoritied of practising double-standards in their application of laws by comparing the US Kleptocracy Initiative adopted by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on 1MDB and Operation Fox Hunt by China.

“The US has practiced double standards by only pushing their homeland initiative against others, who they deemed as soft targets like Malaysia.

“But the US does not recognise initiatives of other nation like China,” said Rozario.