Why you want those you hate to die


And it is even worse for those Christians in DAP who are driven by hate for Umno, hate for the Malays, hate for Islam, hate for the Prime Minister, and so on. Their hate is so strong that it is contagious. When you come into contact with them their hate rubs off onto you until you, too, end up hating. So hate drives you. And what fuels this hate is the hate that the DAP Chinese shower on you.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Sun Tzu said know your enemy. Yes, that is true. You need to know what makes your enemy tick if you want to beat him or her. And I have many enemies out there but very few know what makes me tick. And that is why they can only bark and foam at the mouth without really causing much damage.

The greatest motivator of man (meaning humankind and not gender) is hate and love. One or both drive you to do what you do. No doubt there are those who say Money Motivates Man (or MMM). Others say religion is the greatest motivator of all. That may be true but it is still love and hate that motivates or drives you.

For example, you may love being rich or you may hate being poor. Or you are just downright greedy. So money may motivate you but it is still love and hate that drive you — love of money and/or hate of poverty. 

Religion may motivate you but people are prepared to die or embark on suicide missions because of the love for their own religion or the hatred for those perceived as enemies of their religion. So you kill and/or you die because of love (for your religion) and hate (for the enemies of the religion you love).

So do not underestimate the power of love, and the power of hate as well. People have done superhuman things due to one or the other. And they have even done inhuman things for the same reason. Ethnic cleansing, for example, is one product of hate.

How could decent Germans tolerate the extermination of six million Jews? Well, it was because of the hate that had been indoctrinated into the German people over the generations. Actually the hate-Jews doctrine had existed for more than 1,000 years but only the WWII holocaust is talked about. The Jews have always suffered persecution for a long, long time not only in Germany but all over Europe, England included.

So persecution due to race and/or religion has been going on for thousands of years and is still happening until today. Sometimes it is ethnic and sometimes religion. But what drives it is still hate and love.

I, too, am motivated by hate and love. Everyone is — you as well. You may say that you are motivated by principles and not by worldly gain. That may be true but what principles are those? You hate corruption? You love good governance? You love your country? You love your race? You love your religion? You love democracy? You hate dictators? You hate abuse of power? You hate discrimination? You love justice?

At the end of the day you may argue about why you support one and oppose the other, but it all boils down to love and hate. You love Pakatan Harapan and you hate Barisan Nasional, or the other way around. But there are reasons why you love one and hate the other. And the reasons are love-hate driven.

Some Chinese hate the way they have been treated and feel they are suffering discrimination. Some Malays hate the way some Chinese complain without showing gratitude for being given citizenship and being allowed to live in a Malay country.

Are these Chinese and Malays right in the way they look at things? There is no right and wrong. It is all about feelings and perception. To Muslims it is wrong to call Jesus the Son of God while to Christians only Jesus and not Muhammad is the true and final Prophet.

So what has right and wrong got to do with it? In fact, the Jews will say that both Christians and Muslims are equally wrong. So Christians and Muslims are stupid for quarrelling because this is a case of two wrong people quarrelling over some silly belief that cannot be proven anyway without realising that both are wrong.

And that is the ‘beauty’ about love and hate. You need not be right. You need not even prove you are right. As long as that is how you feel then it becomes right. And if you are right then it can only mean that the other side is wrong. The other side is wrong not because you have proven them wrong but because you feel you are right and therefore the opposite to that has to be wrong.

Do you get the logic in that argument? And do you also see that when it comes to love and hate it defies all logic and hence logic should never be applied to matters involving belief and feelings? But we still have people posting comments saying that I am not speaking logically. How can we even apply logic to something such as belief and feeling that are not based on logic but based on emotions?

And the fact that you question my logic when in the first place hate and love defy logic show that the majority of Malaysians are illogical and confuse feelings such as hate and love as something tangible whereas it is actually inexplainable.

I mean how do you explain someone loving death in the cause of his or her religion? Is the love of death a sign of the hate for life? I mean since love and hate are direct opposites, would not the existence of one mean the absence of the other? So that would mean if I love death then I hate life.

It does not quite work that way. If you love one it does not mean you hate the other — or else that would mean if I love Malaysia then I hate Thailand. For example, you love your life but you love your religion even more. So you love death because you love your religion and you would sacrifice the life you love for an even greater love of your religion.

As I said, love and hate are irrational or illogical so do not even begin to try to explain it. Then there is also the scenario where one hate can make you set aside another hate.

Let us take the example of the Afghans.

The Afghans hate the west and all its values (or lack of values as how the east sees it). But then they hate the Russians even more. So they can set aside their hate for the west because of their even greater hate for the Russians. Of course, once the Russians go home then they go back to hating the west.

The US hates dictatorships, corrupt governments, and so on. But then they hate Communism even more (at least while the USSR still existed and was a superpower of the Eastern Bloc). So the US worked with, tolerated, closed their eyes, and so on, to the evil governments of South Korea, South Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Did the US hate good governance and democracy? No. In fact they love good governance and democracy. But they hate or hated Communism above everything else. So they were prepared to compromise on good governance and democracy to work with and support evil governments as long as these evil leaders oppose what the US hates, which is Communism.

The US was built and grows and survives on capitalism. Through capitalism the US dominates the entire world. Without capitalism the US is nothing. In fact, the US Dollar itself would be worth nothing. But the US Dollar is seen as a strong currency because the US is the number one economic and military power. And Communism is the enemy of capitalism.

I am just like every other person in the world in that I, too, hate and love. I love PAS. So I hate all those people who lie about PAS and accuse it of crimes it has never committed. And I hate DAP because DAP tried to kill PAS (and may yet be able to kill PAS). And that means I hate al those Chinese who support DAP and I hope they will all die terrible deaths.

And DAP hates Umno and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. So, since I hate DAP and the DAP Chinese, and since DAP and the DAP Chinese want to see Umno and Najib dead, then I will support Umno and Najib just to make sure that DAP fails to kill Umno and Najib.

Do I love Umno and Najib? Does it matter? Is that important? What is important is that I hate you and even if I have to love those who you hate I would do that. I am prepared to love someone you hate just because you hate that person and I hate you.

Can you see how love and hate work? And can you see how irrational and illogical love and hate are? And the more you Chinese DAP people and Pakatuns abuse me and curse me and say nasty things about me, the stronger my hate becomes and the more I want to take revenge on you to the extent that, just like what has happened in many other countries, I would be prepared to see a bloody civil war erupt.

Yes, hate breeds wars and that is what happens in the end when the hate becomes too strong.

Maybe the Christian doctrine of love your enemy is solid advice because when someone shows me love I find it very difficult to hate that person. It is only when that person shows me hate that I am able to hate them even more in return. But then most Christians are full of shit. They talk about love your enemy but in reality they demonstrate hate all the time.

And it is even worse for those Christians in DAP who are driven by hate for Umno, hate for the Malays, hate for Islam, hate for the Prime Minister, and so on. Their hate is so strong that it is contagious. When you come into contact with them their hate rubs off onto you until you, too, end up hating. So hate drives you. And what fuels this hate is the hate that the DAP Chinese shower on you.