Snap election won’t decide Lim’s innocence


For the moment, short of the DAP declaring itself a revolutionary party and will have nothing to do with the bourgeois state, we are stuck with the Malaysian judiciary – warts and all – at this point in time.

Kua Kia Soong, Berita Daily

After the asinine and vexatious ‘Kajang Move’ when Pakatan Rakyat forced a by-election in Kajang in 2014, we now hear the DAP is contemplating a snap election in the entire Penang state.

If, as some political analysts have said, this move is motivated by internal DAP power politics to consolidate the power of the incumbent, then it is certainly asinine and vexatious.

And if this is an attempt by the DAP leadership at a so-called “referendum” on the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s beleaguered situation, they should think again.

The DAP should know that even if they win a landslide victory at this proposed snap election, it does not decide the verdict of the chief minister’s corruption charges.

The chief minister’s innocence can only be decided by the Malaysian judiciary. So why burden the electorate with this time and money wasting ploy?

Is the entire election campaign going to be a detailed examination of the facts in the CM’s corruption charges? Obviously not.

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