MP wants Agong to step in on immigration reform


(FMT) – Projects were carved out to different vendors as if to reward different cronies with contracts.

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim will be writing a letter to the Istana to seek the Agong’s intervention on immigration problems in the country. “We can no longer trust any taskforce which solely reports to the government of the day.”

He wants to urge the Agong to convene a Royal Commission on Immigration Reform to thoroughly deal with the deep- seated immigration problems facing the country. “It’s time we stop the rot.”

The MP warned that immigration was in a very critical state with two to three million undocumented migrants in the country. “Malaysia, for the last 16 years, rated poorly in the annual US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report.”

“Terrorism-related travel was posing a serious threat to security.”

Billions of ringgit were poured into the blackhole that’s the “Malaysia Migrant Industrial Complex” only to have the problem worsen over the years, he reminded. “The cycle repeats with more lucrative contracts dished out to cronies on the pretext of solving earlier problems.”

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