It is time to plug the breach of security


Salleh Said Keruak

The 20-month onslaught against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak using both foreign plus local blogs and news agencies to play up the 1MDB issue as the catalyst to try to oust Najib without a doubt costs a lot of money. This raises the question of the rumours that were circulating a year ago regarding the RM2 billion funding that the Anti-Najib Campaign(ANC) is armed with and about the RM600 million set aside to finance the media and online war. For the record this allegation was never denied.

Sarawak Report has more than once boasted that it is in possession of confidential or ‘RAHSIA’ documents, which it claims it received from inside sources and those close to the investigation. And Sarawak Report claims that these documents are genuine and original and they further boast that these inside forces are senior people and those of authority.

It is alarming that not only have confidential information been sold but that some of it have been altered or doctored in the effort to sensationalise the issue. The main question would be what else and even more damaging information have also been sold that we are not aware of. And this puts the security of the nation at risk and this is nothing short of an act of treason.

Some of this so-called leaked information has now been proven false such as when The Wall Street Journal admitted that the RM2.6 billion might, in fact, have come from Arab donors after all. This was a huge embarrassment for Mahathir and ANC. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should accept that his campaign to discredit Najib has failed and that all he has achieved is the ruin of the political career of all those around him. Mahathir has only himself to blame for what happened to his son Mukhriz.