DAP’s Nga: What’s so wrong with trusting in God?


Taiping MP says it’s “all a misunderstanding” while Teresa Kok says politicians must appreciate humour and it would be boring if jokes were not allowed

(FMT) – The DAP’s Nga Kor Ming, defending a controversial posting on Hari Raya eve, has said the uproar was “all a misunderstanding” and asked his critics: “What is wrong in trusting in God?”

He claimed that the poster featured in his posting was meant to promote the Rukun Negara’s first principle, Belief in God.

His posting on July 5 featured a large image of an evangelical Christian poster with the slogan: “In God We Trust”, an American flag in the background, a lighthouse, an image of hands in prayer, and a large headline saying: “Lord, Guide Our Nation Back To You” at the base.

It has since been deleted, after it provoked outrage among Internet users, with commenters calling it “insensitive” and “stupid.”

Nga updated his cover photograph at 2pm on July 5 to feature the Malaysian flag.

Speaking to FMT yesterday, Nga said: “This is all a misunderstanding.” He said he was disappointed with his detractors for criticising him without watching a video accompanying the posting, that he claimed was aimed at fostering national unity and religious harmony.

“There were those who levelled a lot of baseless accusations without even viewing the video and sensationalised the matter.”

His posting showed a few lines of text containing Nga’s Hari Raya greetings and a text link to a YouTube video. However the text was overshadowed by a large image of the American flag and lighthouse.

The posting has since been deleted, but another posting on July 6, featuring a cartoon of children and linking “duit raya” to “dedak”, caused police reports to be filed and resulting in police opening a sedition investigation.

Nga’s fellow DAP colleague, deputy national chairman Teresa Kok leapt to his defence in the face of the ensuing outrage over the dedak and duit raya issue.

Kok said Nga’s posting did not mean he disrespected Islam. “We as politicians or businessmen must appreciate humour. It would be boring if such jokes were not allowed,” Kok told FMT.

Kok said DAP leaders had questioned Nga over the post in a “chat group” and that he had explained it was all a misunderstanding.