Sarawak Report’s lies regarding the JAN Report


Salleh Said Keruak

Sarawak Report is insinuating that it is in possession of a leaked Auditor General’s report that reveals the so-called ‘truth’ regarding 1MDB. What Sarawak Report does not know is that the Auditor General’s report is just one of many sources that the PAC used in its deliberations. So the PAC investigation was not based entirely on just one source but on many sources.

We can allow Sarawak Report the benefit of the doubt in that they were misinformed or were not aware of this very crucial fact. If they were aware of this then Sarawak Report would be guilty of misleading the public because what they told the public is very far from the truth.

But then this has always been the modus operandi of Sarawak Report since 2010.

Sarawak Report is making it appear like they have secret documents that expose what the Auditor General reported. This report was one of many reports tabled at the PAC meeting and which all members of the PAC, those from the opposition included, discussed at length. So the opposition is aware of this report plus is aware that there are many other reports as well.

The final report on 1MDB is the PAC report. The PAC report was compiled from many other reports, investigations and interviews done. So the Auditor General’s report is not the final report on 1MDB. It is just one component of many that makes up the PAC report. And this is where Sarawak Report has mischievously misled the public.