Let the court decide Guan Eng’s fate


Salleh Said Keruak

When someone from the government or the ruling party gets arrested for whatever reason, the opposition is very quick to say that this is about justice, good governance, the truth, and so on. Then they demand that there should be no political interference and that the authorities must be allowed to do its job.

However, if someone from the opposition suffers the same fate, they will allege that this is nothing but political persecution and that the government is abusing its power to fix up members of the opposition. They will never admit that maybe a crime has indeed been committed.

Not too long ago the opposition, in particular DAP, sang the praises of the MACC and said that the Anti-Corruption Commission is clean, honest, seeking justice, wants to eradicate corruption, does not persecute or pilih bulu, and much more.

Lim Guan Eng was investigated by the MACC on an allegation of corruption. Usually, the investigation report is sent to the Attorney General for his decision as to whether there is a case to answer to. So the decision as to whether to prosecute Guan Eng is made by the AG, but only if the AG is of the opinion there are enough grounds to prosecute.