Sanjeevan to be re-arrested on new charge today


(FMT) – The police are expected to book MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan on a fresh charge of extortion today.

According to his brother Mohan, Sanjeevan is currently admitted at the Seremban Hospital, where he was rushed to last Thursday, after suffering from “mild chest pain and severe right hand pain.”

“His (Sanjeevan’s) five-day remand was supposed to end today and we were expecting him to be either charged or freed.

“However, the investigating officer (assigned to the case) was unreachable when our lawyer tried to get him numerous times for updates,” Mohan told FMT.

He added that throughout the five days, the police had only “interrogated” Sanjeevan for about 20 minutes.

Now the family has been told that Sanjeevan will be re-arrested and remanded today under another charge, also believed to be extortion.

Mohan said the family believes this is a conspiracy by the police to silence Sanjeevan over his series of exposés.

Sanjeevan, 32, who heads the anti-crime watchdog MyWatch, was arrested last Wednesday following a complaint by an illegal gambling business owner, who claimed he had received a call from the former asking for RM25,000 in “protection” money.

Sanjeevan had allegedly threatened to expose the man’s business dealings on Facebook, to the media, or the police, if he failed to pay the protection money. The police then laid a “trap” following a complaint.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has also revealed that three more individuals have come forward to say they too had been extorted by Sanjeevan.