Do not lump all Chinese voters as pure racists and tolerant of misdeeds even if they’re by Chinese politicians

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

Like other Malaysians, Chinese voters have their biases, pet peeves, fears and dreams. Their priorities for each of these do move up and down depending on the perceived challenges and opportunities.

This should serve as a warning to DAP that they are not all hard-wired racists of your dreams that you can take them for granted and you service them or visit them personally only just before an election; that their assumed utter hatred of the Malays will always assure you of their votes.

Sure, they get pissed off at power abuse and stealing of public funds, and necessarily so, but that it doesn’t mean that these issues rank higher than chauvinism. All kinds of explanation have been offered for DAP’s disappointment over diminishing Chinese support in recent by-elections.

Ranging from Chinese voters not coming back to vote for being over-confident, to them not placing importance to the limited ramifications of by-elections, to them even of being disappointed at having to vote for a Malay DAP candidate. Again mirror, mirror on the wall…

As if the Chinese voters don’t read about the bad fung shui cheap bungalow without a swimming pool or the intrigues of the billion-ringgit Tunnel Project. From among the shrill hard-core racist voices screaming that these innuendos are fictitious political vendettas are the raised eyebrows of thinking Chinese that seem to imply that they have seen these scenarios before.

But from the other side! They may not see the need to be vociferous about it but they know what they see as a mercantile community. That, you can’t kid them. Straighten out your son LKS for image purposes.

The problem with DAP is when the electorate views DAP stalwarts as just like BN politicians in their corrupted ways, they vote for the devil they know. At least they feel that the country has been governed by BN for all these years, warts and all, without it being a failed state yet. DAP, therefore, has to be whiter than white. That’s a tall order knowing DAP leaders.

Further, Malaysians are tired of politics of hate. When you are a minority but with actual prowess, your sectarian politics normally gravitate to the preaching of hatred like the Tamils of Sri Lanka, the Shiites of the Middle East, to name a few.

But it works both ways. Malays, too, must show that their commitment to justice is about here and now. Other dreams must not be at the expense of others.

Lim Kit Siang will protest that the above assumes that DAP is racist, and that it is not. Here’s news for you, LKS: To most Malays it is confirmed in their hearts of hearts that you are racist. Even associating with you cost a leper’s price. Ask Amanah. That’s not fair, I know! But so is equating every Malay with a skullcap to a potential Taliban the way you do when spooking your flock. Your ass-lickers with their hands held out are exempted of course.

Just like the 1MDB affair, the bad fung shui cheap bungalow without swimming pool story may eventually stink to high heaven. And only those with vested interests would pretend to think nothing of it. That’s kind of putting DAP in the same pen, albeit a smaller one, because of your limited reach. If you had been managing the nation, it would have been catastrophic.

First, you take in Anwar Ibrahim, Then you take in Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Go on; go find more Malays who no longer have any credibility to pursue their personal agenda with their own race. You need them, the thinking Chinese might be leaving. Not all Chinese Malaysians are racists like you.