Mahathir needs to take the leadership of the opposition


Salleh Said Keruak ‎

1. It is clear that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not wish to retire from politics and still wants to be very much in the thick of politics. In that case Mahathir should commit himself fulltime to politics by officially becoming a member of one of the opposition parties and take a leadership position in that party. This would demonstrate Mahathir’s sincere commitment to his political struggle.

2. Since last month, Barisan Nasional has achieved a landslide win in the Sarawak state elections plus two parliamentary by-elections, despite being mid-term, and despite Mahathir’s unprecedented global smear campaign against the Prime Minister. It is clear that the opposition is in total disarray, and is not able to fulfil its responsibility to Malaysians by offering a workable alternative government. The opposition obviously needs help. ‎

3. In light of this opposition predicament, Mahathir should lead the opposition into the next general election. Furthermore, the opposition should show sincerity of welcoming Mahathir into the opposition by issuing an open invitation for him to become a member and their leader. ‎