Divorce case implicating top politician in affair postponed


(NST) – The Family Court here has vacated today’s planned divorce proceedings between a former deputy public prosecutor and his wife concerning her alleged affair with a former high-ranking politician.

This was revealed by the cause list (list of cases) outside the court this morning, with regards to the case involving Stanley Clement Augustin and one Gee Siew Yee.

No confirmed date has been fixed for next case management before judge Datuk Siti Mariah Ahmad.

Augustin’s lawyers, who are from Messrs Maha & Peri, were not seen at court today.

According to the same cause list, Gee currently has no lawyer acting for her.

The matter has triggered public interest when blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin posted – on news portal Malaysia Today – an alleged Statutory Declaration (SD) by Augustin – that implicated the politician concerned of being involved in an affair with Gee.