The fool who thinks the Chinese are fools


The Third Force

Recently, the guy who loves to throw microphones on podiums during ceramahs, Mat Sabu (Mohamad Sabu), tried to con a group of reporters by thinking that he could hypnotise them the way Hitler hypnotised the Nazis during World War II. But little did he realise that no one takes him seriously, and that everything he says is regarded as cockamamie babble and the rants of a clown.

On Friday the 3rd of June, Mat Sabu told reporters what amounted to this – he wasn’t an expert in matters that related the Islamic Syaria and the Federal Constitution and as such, wasn’t competent enough to comment on a Bill that PAS president Dato’ Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang had tabled for postponement in Parlaiment a little over two weeks ago.

That’s right – despite him being the leader of a progressive Islamist party, or Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah), Mat Sabu wasn’t able to tell the Islamic Syaria apart from the Federal Constitution, to the point that he did not know if the amendments that were being proposed by Hadi would affect the Chinese or not.

You buy that drivel?

Now, I’ve elaborated on this issue to some length last Friday, and you can read all about it here – As a matter of fact, I strongly suggest that you read that article first, because what I am about to say stretches the page on Mat Sabu further to reveal how he may have conspired with DAP Secretary general Lim Kit Siang to hoodwink Malaysian Chinese into thinking that Hadi’s Bill of amendments would impose on Chinese articles of faith.

Take my word for it – Mat Sabu speaks the Syaria, thinks the Syaria and dreams Hudud. And there are no ifs and no buts to it – Mat Sabu has long yearned for the day the Islamic penal code would be implemented in Kelantan, perhaps even Malaysia, in all its glory and all its splendour. What happens to the Chinese thereafter, whether or not they would come under its jurisdiction, he doesn’t really care.

Mind you, this is the guy who poured scorn over UMNO and the government mid last year for deliberately postponing Hadi’s Syariah Court’s (Criminal Jurisdiction) amendment Bill in Parliament. For the past year or so, Mat Sabu funnelled doubt in the minds of Muslims against UMNO by implying that the party was un-Islamic for having danced around Hadi’s Bill like a prima ballerina at a ballet. The deposed PAS deputy president pointed out that UMNO never really intended to follow through the Bill, and that any reasoning given for the delay was monkey business and theatrics.

So you see, Mat Sabu yearned for the day he would wake up to the news that Hadi’s Bill of amendments had been legislated. To him, moving the Bill into law was the Muslim thing to do, and any delay was the work of UMNO storytellers. Yes, back in June last year, Mat Sabu read the riot act to a crowd out of frustration that there were still those who supported UMNO, because, according to him, UMNO was a liar for having dilly-dallied the tabling of Hadi’s Bill of amendments.

But when UMNO thrust the Bill into motion in Parliament a little over two weeks ago, Mat Sabu was stricken by amnesia, and doctors believe that the symptoms may wear off only after the 18th of June this month, which is when the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by elections will be held. Could that be the reason why he seemed to have trouble recalling the ground rules to the Islamic Syaria or the Federal Constitution back when reporters approached him for comment on Hadi’s Bill of amendments? Hmm…

The Bill, which first appeared on the Parliament’s order paper on the 19th of June last year, is without a doubt a first stage requisite to pave the way for Hudud law to be implemented in the state of Kelantan. However, none of its provisions had anything to do with the actual implementation of the Islamic penal code. But Kit Siang has been going around town saying it does, and Mat Sabu has remained tight-lipped about the lies that his boss has being spewing because he has amnesia.

But there may be other reasons.

First off – and like I said before – Mat Sabu speaks the Syaria, thinks the Syaria and dreams Hudud. As a devout Muslim and a leader of an islamist party, he is duty bound to observe laws that were derived from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. To Mat Sabu, It wouldn’t matter one way or the other if the Federal government had colluded with PAS to enforce the full scope of the Islamic penal code, because Hudud is exactly what the Amanah president is all about.

The other reason is this – Kit Siang was doing the Chinese thing to do, which is to oppose Hudud come heaven or high water. He struck his hoof to the earth in fury and accused PAS and UMNO of attempting to de-secularize the social contract. His message was simple – if Hadi’s Bill of amendments was passed by Parliament, the Chinese could forget the idea of Malaysia being an all-inclusive nation founded on principles of equity and secularism.

Now, I’ll come back to you on the social contract bit early tomorrow morning or afternoon – and this time, I promise you. For now, let us be clear on one thing – the social contract has no bearing on the issue of the Syaria, the implementation of the Islamic Penal Code or even the question of constitutional secularity. In other words, Kit Siang was talking cock.

But it was cock he needed to talk in order to sway the Chinese ballot in favour of Amanah candidates during the upcoming Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections. Because of this, Mat Sabu sees no reason to put under the spotlight the fact that Hadi’s Bill of amendments was of no concern to the Chinese. He knows, as do I, that the Bill was nothing more than a proposal to allow Islamic benches to mete justice beyond the confines of family related matters and Islamic observances.

But just like Kit Siang, he does not want the Chinese to know that – he needs to get them invested in the idea that Malaysia was headed towards an Islamic state under the presumptive framework of an up and coming PAS-UMNO alliance. And he actually believes that the Chinese will be fooled by his shenanigans.

So yet again, do you agree with me that Mat Sabu is a moron of the highest order?