Mahathir opposes Hudud as unjust


(MMO) – PAS’s version of hudud would create an unfair system in Malaysia that violates the Islamic tenet of justice, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Dr Mahathir noted that hudud as PAS envisioned it would cause Muslims to face different punishments from non-Muslims over the same offences.

“In Islam, what is most important is justice. But PAS’s hudud separates non-Muslims from Muslims here.

“Muslims, if they steal, they get their hands chopped, but non-Muslims only get jailed for two months. This is not Islam! This is not fair,” he told reporters in a press conference here today.

Dr Mahathir added that with Malaysia being nearly 40 per cent non-Muslim, it was not possible to implement hudud.

“Hudud law is a fair law, but this is done to cheat the people by using Islam.”