NSC Bill gazetted one day after rulers asked for refinement

national security council

(Mkini) – The National Security Council Bill 2015 has been gazetted into law, without royal assent, the day after the Council of Rulers asked for the bill to be refined.

According to the gazette published on Tuesday, the bill was declared as assented on Feb 18, 2016, under Clause 4(a) of Article 66 of the Federal Constitution.

Clause 4(a) states that a bill becomes law 30 days after it is presented to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, even if the Agong does not assent.

The National Security Council Act, among others allows the imposition of emergency-like conditions in security areas declared by a National Security Council (NSC) led by the prime minister.

The Council of Rulers had on Feb 17 returned the National Security Council (NSC) Bill to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, seeking refinement.

Attorney-General Apandi Ali then said he would review some sections of the bill while Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said he took note of the rulers suggestion.

The bill was passed by Parliament on Dec 22.

The government has been criticised for trying to impose dictator-like conditions in Malaysia, but Najib said such a law is required to deal with terrorism.

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