Nizar Jamaluddin a victim of divine intervention


But why did God topple Pakatan in Perak in 2009 and oust Nizar as the Menteri Besar? I really don’t know unless it was God’s punishment for all the land that Nizar gave out to the Chinese, which many Malays are very angry about and probably prayed to God to punish Nizar for.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Nizar Jamaluddin of PAN a.k.a. Amanah (which means ‘trust’ in English: ‘tidak amanah’ means ‘untrustworthy’) was today a victim of divine intervention. God intervened and made him apologise to Mastura Mohd Yazid.

Anyway, before I proceed, allow me to digress a bit and inform you that PAN is a member of a coalition called Pakatan Harapan, which in English means a ‘collaboration of hope’.

Three opposition parties have got together to form an alliance so that they can hope together. Amongst some of things they are hoping for is to be able to form the next federal government plus they hope to stop Islamic laws from being implemented in Malaysia and for Malaysia to be turned into a ‘proper’ Secular State (with no longer any interference from the Syariah courts) and for Malaysia to eventually become a Secular Republic.

They are also hoping that the pro-Republic-anti-Syariah Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and replace him with a proxy prime minister, who can then ensure that Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz, is appointed the Deputy Prime Minister so that later he can take over as Prime Minister.

And, of course, they are also hoping that PAN can win the two by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar on Saturday, 18th June 2016, by beating both Umno and PAS. Maybe if PAN gets 40% of the popular votes leaving Umno and PAS to share the 60%, 50:50, then they can win those two seats.

To be able to do this they are hoping that 100% of the non-Malay voters will vote for PAN (which comes to about one-third the voters in those two constituencies) plus they are also hoping that a number of Umno and PAS supporters and members will also vote PAN since PAN itself has hardly any members.

Whether the Umno and PAS members and supporters will vote for PAN is not known yet, so at this stage it only remains a hope. But most likely PAN’s sponsor and benefactor, DAP, can help swing the one-third non-Malay voters by playing the race card. Basically, DAP can tell the non-Malay voters that they must give those two seats to PAN so that they can sit back and enjoy watching Malays fighting against Malays.

There is certainly a lot of hope going round so the collaboration of hope is a very apt name for the coalition. They say man must live with hope because if all hope disappears then you might as well be dead.

Anyway, whoever wins those two by-elections next Saturday will definitely need divine intervention because anything can happen at this stage. Nizar Jamaluddin, for one, is a great believer in divine intervention, as I suppose are many others who believe in God or follow a religion. Most theists or religionists believe that man proposes but God disposes. So you can plot and you can plan but at the end of the day God decides.

How is God going to decide next Saturday? I really don’t know but then maybe Nizar would know because he seems to be privy to all of God’s plans. For example, Nizar knows for a fact that God caused that helicopter crash in Sarawak a month ago to punish Umno and Barisan Nasional for what they did in Perak seven years ago in 2009.

Amongst those killed was Wan Mohammad Khair-il Anuar Wan Ahmad, whose widow, Mastura Mohd Yazid, is contesting the Kuala Kangsar by-election. And when Nizar says it is divine intervention that crashed that helicopter what he means is this is God’s retribution or punishment for the bad things that either Mohammad Khair-il Anuar or Umno/Barisan Nasional did in Perak in 2009.

Most theists or religionists, especially Muslims, believe in such things. Some would actually call this aqidah, loosely translated to mean faith. That means nothing happens without God allowing it to happen. And nothing happens without God making it happen.

Does that mean the Pakatan Rakyat Perak government fell in 2009 and Nizar got kicked out because God made it happen? Of course it was Umno or Barisan Nasional that brought down Pakatan in Perak and kicked out Nizar. But then there was nothing that Umno or Barisan could do unless God wanted it to happen or unless God made it happen. This is what Nizar means when he talks about divine intervention.

I remember when the Asian Tsunami hit on Boxing Day of 2004 and many pointed out that Phuket was hit because of the vice and immorality on that Thai island (which is precisely why I love going to Phuket). Aceh, on the other hand, was hit because they refuse to implement Hudud, said many Muslims.

They pointed out (and even showed pictures) how all the flimsy and dilapidated wooden houses were swept away while the sturdy concrete mosque was the only building left standing. This was a message from God and the message is Aceh should implement Hudud.

So Aceh implemented Hudud and for 12 years now no Tsunami has hit Aceh (well, it has never hit Manchester as well even though we do not have Hudud here). Instead, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans the following year because they refuse to implement Hudud. New Orleans should listen to Nizar regarding divine intervention and understand how God works (which is in mysterious ways, as the Christians would say).

Yes, if you believe in God and if you follow a religion then do not pooh-pooh divine intervention. God crashed a helicopter in Sarawak seven years after Umno toppled the Pakatan government in Perak (even though the pilot did not topple any government anywhere in the world). It may be a tragedy or a bad thing but God will cause this tragedy or bad thing to happen to punish you for the crimes or sins someone else committed. It may sound cruel but then God has a right to be cruel since God is God and the Bible is full of cruel things that God has done over more than 3,000 years.

For example, God created Hitler so that he could later kill six millions Jews, God’s chosen people, who prayed every day non-stop to be saved but which God turned a deaf ear and ignored. If that is what God does to His chosen people then I am better off not being one of God’s chosen people. And Hitler also caused 80 million deaths when he started WWII, all because God decided to create him and allowed him to be born.

But then that is just divine intervention, as Nizar would say, and the babies, children, and women amongst those 80 million deaths must have been killed for something wrong that they did, such as topple a state government somewhere in the world.

We must be very careful about divine intervention and learn how to read the signals from God. For example, Mahathir was just about to be ousted in 1987 but due to divine intervention Anwar Ibrahim stepped in to help save Mahathir. Then Mahathir went on to remove the powers of the Judiciary and the Monarchy and had absolute control over the courts, Parliament and the Rulers.

Suddenly, instead of having four branches of government that offered checks and balances (the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature, and the Monarchy), Malaysia was reduced to a Dictatorship of a one-man rule. And this all happened because of divine intervention (which means this is what God wanted) by making Anwar save Mahathir and keep him in power.

Then, ten year later, when it appeared like Mahathir was screwing up the country more and more and refused to retire, Anwar tried to oust Mahathir but because of divine intervention Anwar failed and instead went to jail for sodomy. Somehow God supported Mahathir and not Anwar and Mahathir was saved while Anwar went to jail.

Anyway, I think you get the point already. Divine intervention can sometimes be a bitch and many times, because of divine intervention, more bad things than good things happen to people.

But why did God topple Pakatan in Perak in 2009 and oust Nizar as the Menteri Besar? I really don’t know unless it was God’s punishment for all the land that Nizar gave out to the Chinese, which many Malays are very angry about and probably prayed to God to punish Nizar for.