Syed Saddiq: 83% want hudud in Twitter survey


However, the former Perdana fellow says his survey indicates that many are not clear what hudud actually entails.

(FMT) – Former Perdana fellow and top debater was not expecting such an overwhelming agreement to implement hudud when he conducted a Twitter survey.

Of the 22,304 people who took part in the one-week-long survey, 83% voted “Yes” to wanting hudud in the country.

But judging by the comments left by those who took part in the survey, Syed Saddiq said he felt many were not well informed about hudud and what it covers.

He told Malay Mail Online that many said hudud would be good to fight against corruption although hudud does not cover graft.

“Those who vote in support of hudud say it’s God’s law and those who don’t support it will rot in hell.

“Those against the law resort to name-calling, labelling those who support hudud as being backwards, barbaric and many others. It’s all in my comment section,” he told the news site.

PAS President Hadi Awang successfully brought a private member’s bill to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction)(Amendment) 1965 on May 26. It is expected to be debated at the next parliamentary session in October.

Although Hadi and the government say the amendment is only to enhance punishments by the shariah courts, many fear this may be the precursor to the introduction of hudud, which includes the chopping of hands and legs and stoning.