The sex of Malaysian politics


KTemoc Konsiders

It’s now raining in Sydney. On such a rainy day, sex would be wonderful. Besides, what else is there worthwhile to do on a raining day, wakakaka.

Now, perhaps even politics would be described best in sexual terms.

OK then, currently the Malaysian political scene is in a humongous sexy mess, with lots of political illicit sexual affairs, including incest, sodomy and adulteries, going on at max speed – all of course in the political (and not bodily/physical) sense, wakakaka.

For example, PAS is sleeping with UMNO, an incestous relationship as PAS was an offspring of the latter; it’s like bonking one’s parent or vice versa. No wonder in 2009 Lawmakers were too easy on incest!

Take the recent hudud bill – UMNO jaked the bill, one by a private member, up to the fore even above other government bills, and then Pak Haji Hadi played his part by requesting for a deferred reading/debate, thus far effectively all sweet-nothing, gnam gnam just before the by-elections. If that’s not PAS and UMNO in blatant sexual relationship then what would be?

Next, PKR and PAS are also sleeping together, and remembering they are siblings, both being offsprings of UMNO, they are also committing incest, wakakaka.

Despite PAS merajuk a la angry lover, PKR recently in the person of Tian Chua has insisted on NOT severing ties with the Islamic party. See Is PKR still interested in Pakatan?

And of course DAP is in an illicit affair with its one-time archfoe, Mahathir. I’ll return to this later.

Moving on to the DAP-PKR relationship, the DAP had been sodomized kau kau by PKR, contrary to the picture some sectors of politics have portrayed and want us to believe, that of DAP being a bully boy to PKR, a silly belief not matched by the series of treacherous acts that PKR had repetitively wrecked upon DAP, especially in Sarawak and Penang.

And when PKR acted treacherously against DAP, its supporters would have the brazen thick-skin to say PKR has at last shown its independence of bully boy DAP, but conveniently ignoring or covering up the truth that PKR has always been the treacherous one, for example, in making unilateral press statements on Pakatan affairs as, just an example, in the lead up to the Sarawak state elections PKR announced (without consulting DAP) that it was contesting in 40 state seats with 15 of those seats non-negotiable.

For more, read PKR signals war to DAP in Sarawak and The butler didn’t do it, the MB did.

You may ask why DAP has allowed itself to be sodomized not only repetitively but also regularly, wakakaka.

That’s because the DAP or in the person of Lim Kit Siang has very very very ambitious aim to unseat BN-UMNO (effectively only UMNO as it had in Peninsula already demolished MCA, Gerakan, PPP and to some extent, MIC).

And the irony of LKS’ aim to unseat UMNO lies in his undoubted full realization that it won’t be a DAP non-Malay MP or even a DAP Malay MP who will be the Pakatan PM but rather (and more likely) a PKR MP as one.

Yes, I speculate that LKS wants to dethrone UMNO from Putrajaya just for dethroning sake a la the blindly-discriminating ABU doctrine, even not caring whether a PKR MP as PM and various ministers will be better, which I personally doubt.

Though as a supporter of DAP and once a long time admirer of LKS (I’m more reserved, even limited, in my admiration for him today) I’m happy that LKS have long realized his life-long political ambitions of (a) DAP together with its (then) Anwar-led Pakatan ally PKR winning majority rule in Penang and (b) denying BN its 2/3 majority rule in federal parliament. But I’m less excited about his new but sadly quite obsessive one, that of dethroning BN-UMNO from Putrajaya.

Dethroning BN-UMNO is undeniably the necessary objective of any political party which harbours ambition of political and public greatness in Malaysia, but my criticism of LKS in this regard is that he wants to do it in what seems to me would be in a very unpalatable way, in which he allows the DAP to enter into undignified shameful consort with unsavoury political ‘characters’ [‘characters’ include political parties].

Yes yes, you’re going to tell me about the enemy of my enemy yadda yadda yadda and all that.