The Citizen’s Declaration Is To Mahathir, What Reformasi is To Anwar; A Tool!


The Malaysian Observer

Tun Dr Mahathir put together the so called ‘Citizen’s Declaration’ as a pretext to seek better governance in Malaysia.  That is the smokescreen he would like the people to believe; that what he (Tun Mahathir) is doing is for the rakyat!

In order to make this ruse (Citizen’s Declaration) legit, Tun Mahathir knew that he would need a platform on which to launch it!  He also knew that he needed to cast the net as wide as possible in order to capture the imagination of those in the Opposition as well as those in the general public. (here)

In reading the ‘Citizens Declaration’ one will undoubtedly notice that many of its 37 points have something to do with 1MDB while all the other points mentioned are spider webbed around that (1MDB) theme!

It is fair to say that without 1MDB as Tun Mahathir’s hot button, his Citizen’s Declaration is lifeless.  So Tun ‘M’ bundled the GST, toll hikes, unsubstantiated foreign news reports, global economic troubles all together and attached the bundle to 1MDB.  In doing this, Tun Mahathir is hoping to get the rakyat angered enough to demand Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak step down from office!

Tun Mahathir is trying to manufacture a broad-based appeal much the same way Lim Kit Siang and the DAP try to do when they (DAP) attempt to include Malays in their activities.  When they (DAP) do that, it is almost like watching a movie where the DAP constituents are the main actors and the Malays are the extras on the movie set!  They have no other role other than window dressing to boost sales at the box office or in this case to boost the Malay votes for their (DAP) cause!

So Tun Mahathir teaming up with the Opposition provides him with a platform that has other than ‘Malay’ voters while the ‘Citizen’s Declaration’ provides him with a vehicle that he can use to try and drive Prime Minister Najib Razak out of office so that his son Mukhriz can then be positioned to be number one in the not too distant future. Of course, as of late, both Tun ‘M’ and Mukhriz have attributed the aim of making the later Prime Minister as being an Umno conspiracy!

Tun must have forgotten that he was part of Umno for many years and that they would certainly know what is behind his actions!