Inconsiderate Drivers Caused An Ambulance To Be Late For One Whole Hour


( – Sesapa yg ikut lorong kecemasan time tu, dukacita aku nk maklumkn bahawa korg adalah PEMBUNUH.

On Sunday, 22 May, a freak accident happened at the North-South expressway, near the Simpang Ampat toll in Alor Gajah


According to a medical officer that was dispatched to the scene, the incident occurred at the North-South expressway, KM228, near Alor Gajah, around 4:30pm on Sunday.

The said officer, Puvan Barthiban, highlighted the events of that fateful evening in a Facebook posting on his timeline on Monday.

A driver that apparently witnessed the incident explained how the accident had occurred in his Facebook post.

A motorcycle had allegedly hit an Iswara parked at the emergency lane and the impact had caused the riders to be thrown in the middle of the highway. Wanting to avoid the riders, a large lorry ended up skidding off the road and was overturned.

The driver mentioned that both the victims were severely injured and needed immediate medical attention.

The status explained how the first emergency-medical team that arrived at the scene had requested for a backup ambulance service.

They were supposed to reach in just 20 minutes but instead it was delayed by 60 minutes. Here’s why:

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